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One Super Moms Journey From Vegan to Plant-Based Keto

Hello World!

I am so happy you are here. If you are reading this I can be assured we are kindred spirits and share a similar story and desire to find a better way to take care of ourselves and the planet. The road less traveled often provides the most beautiful journey, although not always easy. It is my hope that sharing my story will inspire you to continue on your journey and that you can learn from my experiences to make your ooh soo kind veggie filled live tantilizingly tasty and as easy as possible.

I aim to share lots of stories, a bunch of healthy laughs, tools and recipes, with a community of souls who can bounce off each other in a quest for more mindful living.

Kind & Keto is a genuine journey towards eating and living well, and making a difference.  I want to uncover what really works for us as humans, and our environment.

In the past I focused sooo much on work, family and everything else that I accepted less than stellar health for myself.

Is it possible to have it all?

Adopting a whole food plant-based diet for me was a ‘natural’ transition; but something wasn’t right. I needed to level up my self-care game and figure out how to feel better, and in kind do more good.

As I researched and experimented with my diet I discovered some gold nuggets too brilliant to keep to myself.

We’ve all been there, watching documentaries, consulting doctors, naturopaths, scientists, nutritionists, bloggers 😉

We hear so many promises and secrets to optimal health and wellbeing; but very rarely are we gifted with a cohesive message.

“Our wellbeing is something we often need to discern for ourselves.”

Everyone’s body and needs are uniquely different; but I believe that sharing our paths to our best selves is one of the most powerful tools to connect and inspire.

Hopefully some of you out there can relate to my journey and together we can challenge each other to keep striving for optimal health.

Let’s live our BEST life!

So a little bit more about my story…

I was living the vegan lifestyle assuming I was crushing the health game, only to see my health deteriorate.

After reading books like Grain Brain and Wheat Belly.

I realized much of the food I thought was healthy might not be so good for me.

At the time there was also a lot of info coming out about the importance of the microbiome and gut health for overall wellness.

After doing some digging I found that a lot of the corn and soy I consumed was genetically modified and packed with glyphosate (roundup pesticide).

I figured this could be causing harm to my microbiome and contributing to some of my health woes.

Like a lot of vegans I was also binging out on a ton of sugary fruits that apparently feed these bad yeast nasties as well.

What’s a girl to do?

A friend recommended I watch the Netflix documentary The Magic Pill.

This film changed my world and opened my eyes to the powerful healing effects of the ketogenic diet.  

I decided to try and undertake a vegan well actually Veggan version of the keto diet with the addition of eggs (from my neighbors chickens) and see what all the buzz was about.

I’ll be honest, it was tough at first, and I was disheartened by the lack of information out there about combining these two wildly popular…but almost comically different approaches.

I can be kind of obsessive and after doing an inordinate amount of research and experimenting, I decided I owed it to the work to compile a comprehensive guide and set of resources for those looking to try out vegan & vegetarian keto approaches.

I soo wish that I had this kind of resource when I was starting out; and this community where vegan ketonian’s can support each other and our planet.

I decided to document my story in a community-driven space that would help me follow through, and be accountable. I found my solution and want to help others be their best self.

So Kind & Keto was born…

The Kind & Keto collective are a community of conscious eaters,  who are striving to shine a light on a healthier way to go plant-based and a kinder way to be keto. We intend to make the journey of combining your vegan or vegetarian diets and with keto fun and easy.

What will be your “Hello World” moment?

Who am I? Nobody special.

I’m an unassuming, kinda hermit Mother of two little boys. I live in a picturesque sleepy seaside town in Australia.

David Attenborough once said that where I live is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

I agree 🙂

I play golf (badly) and I’m a writer. That’s it.

In my Hello World! moment I feel like an adventurer, so happy to share this with you…and my amazing friend here, Matthew!!

Matt’s Story

How This Malibu Boy Ended Up Ditching the Meat Industry for Plant-Based Wellness


I often say that most of what I’ve achieved in life is direct result of riding on the coattails of my badass mamacita, Deanne Shubin.

One of the greatest gifts my mother shared with me (aside from some pretty epic days playing hooky to go surfing) was her deep appreciation for natural health practices.

She was especially interested in the age-defying secrets of those who lived long enough to blow out their 100th birthday candles – centenarians.

When I was 10yrs old my health consciousness was taken to another level when my brother became very sick at the age of 16. This was a difficult time for our family.

There were many points where we thought we were going to lose him. After going down a standard treatment route and not seeing any improvement, we decided to put our trust into the world of natural health and immune boosting therapies.

We were very lucky to get connected to some awesome people in Malibu (which used to be super hippie back in the day) who helped us develop a natural treatment plan.

Within one month, my brother had made a complete recovery. This was over 20 years ago, and he has remained healthy ever since. An experience like that has quite the impact on a kid. It was at this point when I decided that food was very powerful and I committed to learning everything I could about nutrition, health, and wellness.

Having spent many years training as an athlete, I have always been on a mission to unlock the ultimate lifestyle choices that enable us to perform at our peak levels.

Unfortunately after years of athletics, 3 knee surgeries, shoulder surgery, and lower back discectomy…my body was very broken.

I thought I was just going to have to live with the pain for the rest of my life. I didn’t even know that there was another option.

Keep in mind that I am a health nut, and at this point I was eating healthier than 99% of the people I know (and that’s saying something living in LA).

Then my Keto discovery happened.

It was around 2013 when talk began about Keto protocols for weight loss and inflammation. My good friend Michael had read several studies on PubMed where people had amazing results with keto healing the microbiome and reversing lower back pain. At that time I was experiencing about a 7 out of 10 level of pain pretty much all the time.

He said, “try it for 3 months and I promise it will fix your back pain.”

I had nothing to lose, so I gave it a go. I’ll bet you can guess that my back pain totally disappeared. In addition, the acne I had been battling my whole adult life completely cleared up!

Overall I became stronger, leaner, more alert, and had better energy. I felt as good as I did when I was cruising the international pro volleyball circuit in my 20’s – actually better.


 I was a new man. On keto my back pain had totally gone away, my skin cleared up and overall inflammation had significantly improved.

But I still felt a little sluggish after consuming the level of animal protein and dairy called for in a meat based keto diet.

Knowing there were serious problems in our factory farms, I also wasn’t super comfortable with the quality of animal products I was consuming; nor was I very excited about how these animals are treated in corporate mass production environments. It seemed like if I could figure out a way to design a cleaner keto diet I could feel even better physically and ethically.

Having done paleo for years before keto I had never even considered a vegan diet because it would be impossible to get the levels of protein on vegan. It was only after doing keto for a couple of years did I realize that our bodies actually don’t need that much protein intake, and that fat is the best energy source. It was this realization that led me to reconsider a more plant based approach as a viable option.

Combining the clean plant-based whole food  ethical vegan mantra with the amazing health benefits of keto in the most optimal way became my newest obsession.

I knew this would be a challenge, but I’m always game to push myself to the next level.

When I started out there was very little info in the space of vegan keto.

It was difficult to find good plant-based sources of fats and have a nice variety of recipes to make vegan keto sustainable for me.

That’s when I linked up with a crazy girl named Georgia 😉 and we started sharing info on our plant-based keto journeys.

After tinkering and fine tuning my program I was able to develop a mostly plant protocol that allowed me to increase my energy levels and overall sense of wellbeing without sacrificing my muscle mass.  Everyone is different but for me I found a Veggan (without milk or cheese) Keto diet to be the best most sustainable diet for my lifestyle.

I had been following Georgia’s story and we began exchanging resources. I loved what she was doing, and thought I could add a slightly different perspective to Kind & Keto, from someone who has made the journey from meat based keto to a more plant based approach.

We joined forces and after lots of collaboration, came up with a modified vegan ketogenic diet that was somewhere in between vegan and vegetarian.  We are deviating from strict veganism by adding eggs which we believe are such a wonderful complete food source. And Vegetarians are awesome but chugging milk not going to be good for anyone. Although we do advocate yogurt and kefir (if sourced from a good local farm) as good sources of probiotics as coconut based yogurts/kefirs are difficult to find in many areas and sometimes hard to make while traveling. We’re living in crazy times. Once I pulled back the curtain I could see that the supersize generation is not sustainable for our bodies or the environment I knew it was my purpose in life to help other make the transition to a healthier, more sustainable and kinder way of living. I’m so honoured to share my experience in this space with like minded people who are looking for a better way to care for themselves and the planet. I can’t wait to hear your life changing story and if there is any way I can help you on your journey don’t hesitate to reach out.

Let’s Collaborate

Wherever you are on your journey towards more sustainable healthy living we’d love to team up for good.

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