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Sick of your store-bought vegan salad with its limp lettuce leaves and gluggy dressings? Being vegan and getting sick of salad ain’t a smiley place to be. Your buds and body deserve better than a half-hearted bland plant mix in your bowl!

We’re big believers that vegan keto salads are not supposed to make you feel sad. Thankfully you’ve stumbled upon this extraordinary culinary collection developed by the Kind & Keto super-salad seekers.

Welcome to our world, we’ll i’ll get you totally salivating over salad again!

Our scrumptious vegan keto salads are overflowing with fresh, vibrant flavors. These superfood power plates are easy to prep and have so many health benefits it’s not even funny. With this diverse collection of our favourite salad recipes, you’re bound to stay inspired.

So, toss the un-appealing iceberg and join our wacky world of happy salad eaters!

Vegan Roasted Vegetable Salad With Spinach & Basil Pesto

This roasted veggie salad is just like a big warm hug in a bowl – you’ll keep coming back to its comforting embrace!This salad is so fun and vibrant you’ll have a hard time convincing people you’re eating salad for lunch. There is such a zesty Italian ambience to this salad it’ll have you daydreaming of Tuscan skies on your lunch break.

The bellissimo pesto is the hallmark of this delish dish and has some pretty powerful healing properties. The leafy green spinach is going to up your iron and fiber intake, and help keep you full of energy.

Aromatic basil packs a lot of weight in the anti-inflammatory department – but thankfully not onto your thighs 😉

Antioxidants and good, healthy fats will keep free radicals at bay, and have your scales feeling light hearted too! All this goodness is packed with love into a superfood salad with a wide variety of veggies roasted with our good friend olive oil. Take a bow vegan roasted vegetable salad, you’re a mood-boosting, gut-cleansing charm! Now get in the bowl.

Warm Balsamic Tofu And Endive Salad With Walnut Vinaigrette

Hey there fancy pants! Looking to add a little more elegance to your salad routine? Of course you are! There’s nothing like treating yourself to a luxe lunch experience, especially when it comes without the exxy price tag!

Eating the same thing day in and day out can get a little… mundane. Keep things interesting with our balsamic tofu and endive salad. Your taste buds won’t know what’s hit them with this sophisticated flavour sensation.

Super simple to prepare, your bod is gonna love the health benefits of this snazzy salad. Walnuts are true nutty heroes, proven to promote a healthy gut and are so rich in Omega-3 fatty acids your skin will absolutely glow. The marinated tofu is going to help you meet your protein goals and the endives will get your digestive system in good working order – perfect for a detox.

You’ll have a hard time eating just any old salad after you’ve treated yourself to this little gem!

Thai Style Buddha Bowl Salad

All aboard the tastetastic train to Thailand! Toot toot!

Our Thai Style Buddha Bowl is going to make you feel things – like quit your job to travel full-time kind of things!

We’ve recreated the classic buddha bowl without the heavy carbs, so you can join in on this superfood trend without worrying about your waistline. Make sure you have an aesthetic bowl to serve this salad in because you are soooo going to want to Insta this. #veganketolunchgoals #veganketobuddhabowl

By marinating the tofu in lime juice, olive and sesame oil, you’re not only ensuring it tastes divine; but you’re upping its nutritional benefits too! Plus we’ve added a blast of protein and serving up a storm of detoxifying agents! Red cabbage not only makes this salad pop with coour but it gets your body poppin’ too – it’ll help improve your digestion to get you feeling like an actual deity.

Cauliflower Tabbouleh Salad

Now, this is a salad worth crying over – happy tears only of course!

We’ve worked our vegan keto magic on this classic Lebanese dish and with we think you’re going to love it. It’s got all the classic herbs you know and love, but without the sluggishness that comes as a consequence after a carb-heavy meal.

Cauliflower rice forms the base of this salad – creamy and delicious, it also offers some phenomenal health benefits. It’s a heart-friendly veggie and is packed full of so many vitamins and minerals your skin is going to thank you big time!

If that isn’t enough reasons to love this salad, we’ve gone and added other superfoods to really take this smashing salad to the next level. Olives will also spruce up your skin with their antioxidant properties, hemp seeds are a complete source of protein and pine nuts are going to contribute to supporting your heart health. The low carb veggies are also weight loss friendly.

What’s not to love?

You’ve got to add this mega super-salad to your weekly shopping list and see the results for yourself!

It’s safe to say that here at Kind & Keto we don’t do boring salads – we only do fun, delicious salads. With so many health benefits, our salads are a go-to everyday meal to help you lose weight, detox and feel great. Thanks for sharing our excitement over salad! No more bland meals for you my friends!

Happy Kind & Keto-ing!

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