My Unbiased List of Favorite Vegan Keto Supplements

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“WHOA, but where are you going to get all your nutrients from?” – asks the meat-eating friend. Remember this? This remains to be a pretty common scenario for people going vegan. Well, try adding a KETO diet on top of that and it’s like you’ve just pressed the jaw-dropping button. Adding Vegan Keto supplements to your diet is a sensible thing to do if you know you are lacking vital minerals and vitamins.

If you’re concerned about your nutrient intake and looking to optimize health, meet your daily nutrient requirements, lose weight, build muscle, or any other goals on your list, read on and try some of my favorite vegan keto supplements. 

1. Probiotics Vegan Keto Supplement 

If you’re on the lookout for a powerhouse of probiotics, this is my pick: Ora Organic’s Probiotics with Prebiotics 

It’s made up of 6 different probiotic strains and contains 20 billion probiotics per serving (!!!) that support all of the above health benefits. It comes in powder form so it’s super practical to whip up a smoothie and head out. It’s powerful and makes you feel at the top of your game – perfect for anyone who feels sleepy, moody, or unmotivated… It’s all in the nutrients and supplements! It’s the best I’ve come to find. 

It’s super tasty, so you won’t even notice it’s a supplement. You don’t even have to freeze it like with most probiotics, because this one’s already freeze-dried. Wow. 

Unlike other brands this one fulfills 20% of the daily fiber intake our body needs. It comes in apple raspberry and lavender lemonade, which are not only heavenly but also super creative flavors that are hard to come by! 

Probiotics have massive amounts of health benefits. From preventing and treating diarrhea, balance friendly bacteria in your digestive system improves mental health conditions, keeps your heart healthy, reduces allergies or eczema, and boost your immune system. 

Excuse me while a catch my breath! 

Needless to say, this brand works with all-natural products, contains no sugar, artificial flavors or preservatives of any kind. 

2. Keto Greens – Vegan Keto supplement

My pick for Keto Greens is Ora Organic’s Organic Green Powder with over 20 greens from the sea and land – yes, even those you haven’t even heard of or tried yet. I was delighted when I 

found it. I had also found this GreenShield Greens Powder but it’s more expensive and I find Ora’s tastes better due to the citrus flavoring. 

Increasing vegetable consumption is something everyone should be focusing on. Being a vegan ketotarian, this isn’t always a problem. However, if you’re noticing a lack of greens, you can start incorporating them through a supplement, just like I did. 

I always feel great when I take my greens and it comes in a delish citrus flavor and tastes pretty great for being a whole bunch of greens mixed together. Unlike other brands, this is actually a keeper. 

It’s a powerful antioxidant that aids digestion and internal cleansing. 

This is all you will ever need and more, trust me! 

3. Vegan Omega 3 – Vegan Keto supplement

Ever looked at those Omega 3 vitamin capsules and thought, “Hey, I can use some of that.” and then instantly browse through the ingredients and find out it contains FISH? This happened to me and it was a total bummer. 

My Pick: Ora Organic’s Plant-Based Omega-3 Spray 

The value is definitely in the format. The convenience of the spray feature is totally a plus. 

However, if you’re looking for something a bit cheaper that can do the job, check out this Vegan Omega 3 Algae Oil capsules, totally sustainable and kind to the fishies. 

Ora Organic’s Omega 3 Spray is actually the first-ever omega-3 spray and is now a part of my daily omega-3 intake, a total favorite… How convenient can it get? Plus, one bottle of these is equivalent to 6 lb of high-quality salmon without the salmon. 

It comes in a tasty organic orange flavor which gives is a refreshing and fruity taste. 

When I found out about it I was in love because they sustainably source all the contents of this spray. So they are free of pesticides, mercury, pollutants or heavy metals. It’s totally safe and you know it’s not harming the environment. On top of that, these come in a lovely plantable box, I planted mine and wildflowers started blooming *screams in delight*. 

Spray it in your mouth and you’ve just taken Omega-3 to kick-start your day. 

4. Vegan Vitamin D – Vegan Keto supplement

My pick: Ora Organic’s Vegan Vitamin D 

This is probably the best Vegan Vitamin D I’ve come to find. It is organic and environmentally-friendly. 

I thought Vitamin D wasn’t all that necessary until I did some research. Turns out, Vitamin D is essential to many bodily functions, including facilitating calcium absorption. Wowza. 

This vegan keto (and organic) vitamin D supplement tablets are made from lichen and contain around 2,000 IU of vitamin D3 – an all-mighty vitamin D supplement if you ask me and it’s pretty convenient for all you’re getting. 

Unlike animal-sourced vitamin D3 made from grease on sheep’s wool, this is totally vegan-friendly and kind! 

I’ve taken these regularly and it has worked wonders. It comes in small tablets, which are great for those who may have a hard time swallowing bigger pills. 

5. Keto Organic Apple Cider – Vegan Keto supplement

I was intrigued when I first heard that Apple Cider Vinegar Pills worked as an amazing vegan keto supplement to lose weight. As it turns out, apple cider vinegar assists the body in detoxing and helps maintain your healthy weight level depending on your goals. 

My ultimate pick:​ Ora Organic’s Apple Cider Vinegar Pills 

It is completely made from organically sourced fermented apple juice and each pill contains 500mg of organic apple cider vinegar. And the price? Super nice. 

This is also a perfect vegan keto weight-loss supplement for those who can’t stand drinking ACV straight from the bottle or want to protect the enamel on their teeth! 

So before I found these incredible pills, I was actually drinking organic lemon juice as a means of detoxing. Now, it just takes me a second, no more lemons. 

Oh, and the “appley ever after” tag on the bottle? It is just EVERYTHING. 

If you’re into vegan gummies for supplements, then you can try New Age’s Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies, but you will be paying a bit more. 

7. Vegan Keto MCT Oil – Vegan Keto supplement

My pick: NOW Sports Nutrition MCT 

MCT oils are one of the most popular keto supplements out there. Why is this my favorite? Well, because all other MCT oils on Amazon come in plastic containers. I inherently trust products and brands that deliver in glass over those that use plastic. 

Yes, I choose to order from mindful companies. 

This is a must-have supplement for a keto diet because it kicks you into ketosis daily. I add this to my daily-super shake and I’m ready to run. Plus, you’re getting a great deal, no plastic, and all the MCT goodness you need. 

10/10 recommend! 

8. Vegan Keto Multivitamin supplement

My pick for vegan keto multivitamins is Garden of Life Multivitamin 

Vegan keto multivitamins are hard to come by. Unlike many other brands, this brand only makes plant-derived supplements and it’s always a great idea to add a great multivitamin into your daily power mix. 

Kind & Keto Tip: It’s good to keep in mind that there are three kinds of vitamins when it comes to choosing the best vegan keto supplements for you. 

1. Synthetics – These do not get absorbed by our bodies. 2. Other Synthetics – Mimic organic vitamins and trick our bodies into absorbing them. 3. Plant-derived – Vitamins that are easily absorbed by our bodies and don’t contain any harmful synthetics. 

This super supplement contains 16 plant-based vitamins and minerals, which is plain great and you’re sure that this is all vegan keto and environmentally friendly. It is non-GMO verified, contains no synthetic binders or fillers and is gluten-free. The price tag looks great for all you’re getting, plus, you know you’re purchasing from a conscious company. 

This one’s a keeper after trying it, it’s part of my daily routine and keeps me on my feet for the rest of the day. 

9. Vegan Exogenous Ketones – Vegan Keto supplement

My pick when it comes to vegan exogenous ketone supplements is definitely Keto Plus Exogenous Ketones. 

When taking an exogenous ketone supplement, you are encouraging your body to increase blood ketone levels. This potentially helps you reach ketosis quicker and has other benefits like boosting athletic performance, muscle recovery and decreasing appetite. 

I’ve personally taken this supplement for boosting my performance at the gym as well as an assistant to reaching ketosis, and it has worked wonders for me. Especially when I need one of those afternoon pick-me-ups or need to focus. Of course, you might be reaching ketosis without the need for a supplement and through an MCT oil. But, if you’re interested in all the other benefits, I definitely recommend it! 

It comes in some sweetly refreshing raspberry lemonade flavor and mixes super easily in water for your shakes. 

10. Himalayan Salt – natural Vegan Keto supplement

Sure, Himalayan salt is a great ingredient for your vegan keto preparations and recipes. But did you know it’s also an all-natural supplement? Well, now you do! 

Try Healthy Life Herbs’ Pink Himalayan Salt Capsules ​if you’re interested. 

It’s, of course, vegan and keto and super practical to take. The minerals in the Himalayan Salt are all jam-packed into these pills and are a true favorite amongst vegan keto-ers. 

You can definitely consume your fair amount of Himalayan Salt through your preparations, but if you’re someone who doesn’t fancy saltiness and doesn’t really add that much salt to recipes, take a supplement instead. 

When I came across this, I had my doubts, since I thought Himalayan Salt was just salt. But I was wrong and through some research, I started taking these and had a good experience. Plus, if you’re looking for a super convenient supplement, this one’s it. 540 pills for just $35.99? Yes, please. 

11. Vegan Iron with Digestive Enzymes and Probiotics – Vegan Keto supplement

We all know Iron is one of the must-have supplements for any diet. 

Iron is a nutrient that enables new DNA and red blood cells and carries oxygen in the blood as well as promote an energetic metabolism. 

My pick is The Garden of Life Iron Complex for vegans since little iron can lead to anemia and symptoms like decreased immune functions or fatigue and that’s just plain bad. The price tag on this one looks great and you know you’re purchasing from a conscious and friendly brand. 

If you’re a vegan that notices a low-iron intake (which is a reality for most of us just starting out), you should definitely eat more iron-rich foods. However, when complimenting your vegan diet with keto, this is also limited, since beans, peas, and some dried fruit, that contain iron, are restricted. 

Bonus: Supplements that Will Boost your Athletic Performance 

If you’re someone who loves to hit the gym and are looking to boost your performance while on a vegan keto diet, you may be interested in some of these supplements. 

These are proven to help you gain muscle, strength, and also serve as energy boosters. So you can take these before and after your daily workout. 

1. Creatine Monohydrate

This is an amazing supplement that has been proven to promote muscle gain and highly improve your exercise performance as well as improve and increase strength. So, for those of you on a vegan keto diet and looking to lift more and get results, this is definitely a great idea for a supplement. 

2. Caffeine

Yup, that extra cup of coffee or green tea definitely benefits your athletic performance and boosts your energy. If you’re someone who is transitioning to a keto diet and still getting used to it, an extra cup of any of these two is wonderful. 

3. Branched-Chain Amino Acids

I tried Truth Nutrition Fermented Vegan supplement for this and it has reduced any exercise-related muscle damage, soreness or fatigue as a result of exercising. This brand truly works wonders and I definitely recommend it. 

4. HMB Supplements

Known as beta-hydroxy beta-methyl butyrate is a supplement that decreases muscle loss and mass. This especially goes for people who are just starting out a new exercise program or increasing the intensity of their daily routines! 

Conclusion: Vegan Keto Supplements

My final thoughts? Go vegan and go keto! Having access to these amazing supplements to your diet is just plain handy and marvelous. Seize the day and the opportunities of great brands working to source and provide the healthiest products in the market. 

If you’re already vegan keto, congrats and hopefully, this list will help you kick your diet to higher levels. Happy supplementing! 

Thanks For Reading… My Unbiased List of Favorite Vegan Keto Supplements

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