Does Vegan Keto Really Work? Reddit Before And After Pics

What are the benefits of embracing the Vegan Keto lifestyle? In this article, we want to showcase before and after pics and experiences of real people who have reaped the physical rewards of adopting this healthy way of life. And we’ll answer the question, “Does Vegan Keto really work?”.

Vegan Keto is fairly new so there aren’t a lot of medical studies to back up the health benefits of this lifestyle choice. Be that as it may, there are dozens of quotes and testimonials on Reddit, with before and after pictures, that we can draw inspiration from and see for ourselves how successfully the diet has worked for others – and if it works for them then surely it will work for you!

What are the Health Benefits of Following a Vegan Keto Diet?

The Vegan Keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein diet that excludes all animal-based foods. You’ll know soon enough if Vegan Keto really works. Check out the benefits below.

The benefits of following a Vegan Keto Diet include:

  • Lower risk of chronic health conditions including heart disease, high blood pressure, unhealthy cholesterol levels, diabetes and some types of cancer
  • Healthy weight loss
  • General improvement in well-being 

Real Life Examples of People Who Enjoyed Vegan Keto Transformations

The most obvious benefit of the Vegan Keto diet is healthy weight loss but sprinkled among the testimonials you will find people who report other health benefits too. 

Our first success story is Eve. At the very young age of 24, Eve weighed 340 pounds and exhibited the onset of kidney dysfunction, hypertension, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and an irregular heartbeat. She faced a future filled with prescription drugs, hospital visits, and disability if she didn’t make a change. 

Eve made the decision to follow a plant-based diet and incorporate exercise into her lifestyle. 

Here is Eve’s story: “My passion for physical activity was equal to my passion for cooking. I loved the opportunity that vegan cooking offered in the way of ingredients and creativity. I started turning my favorite omnivore recipes into vegan masterpieces. I became so passionate about vegan food that I started hosting cooking classes in homes and at a vegan restaurant. With the “Meatless Monday” movement catching on, I wanted to demonstrate what was possible by incorporating meatless meals into people’s diets.”

Our next plant-based hero is Bethany. She lost 65 pounds and found herself! Bethany believes that cutting all animal-based products from her diet and introducing exercise to her lifestyle has raised her energy levels and all but taken away her allergies and asthma

Here is Bethany’s Story: “At this rate, not only am I continually losing weight, dropping off inches and body fat…I am protecting myself against diseases, infections, premature aging, helping prevent cancer, stroke, heart disease, and so much more. I have higher energy, my asthma and allergies are near gone, I sleep so much better, my skin and mind are both so much clearer, headaches are rare. I feel like I discovered who I really am.”

We wish this Vegan Keto Superstar had posted some photos because their success story is amazing and so encouraging for others who are following a low-carb plant-based diet! But it’s more proof for “Does Vegan Keto Really Work?”

The following was posted by u/pilltown on Reddit:
Weight loss results (1 month vegan keto)

“I gained close to 80 pounds due to health issues in the last 2 years. Got sick of feeling so crappy, so I got off some meds I was on and started eating less than 20g carbs a day on a Vegan diet.
As of today, I’m down 35 pounds.  Just wanted to let any doubters know that it’s possible to do vegan keto in a healthy way! I’m getting enough protein and calories, all while losing weight like crazy without working out. 

I’m glad I found this community; I’m finally starting to feel like myself again after a tough couple of years! It’s been so great for me to return to plant-based eating instead of junk food-based eating. I’m really glad to know that I can still enjoy all the benefits of eating low carb without having to eat meat or dairy products.” 

Our biggest hero has to be Bonebreaker. He went from 570 pounds to Plant Proud!

After surviving a drug overdose and then turning to overeating, Bonebreaker knew he had some serious health issues that would result in an untimely death. He compares himself to a human garbage disposal. He was diagnosed with a heart murmur, high blood pressure and the early stages of diabetes. A personal decision led him to embrace a cruelty-free plant-based lifestyle and within a short time, he started noticing an improvement in how his body felt. He is training to be the first human to pick up the Mark Henry Dumbbell – a monstrous 300lb piece of iron with a handle thicker than a beer can. 

This is Bonebreaker’s story: “I am not the typical plant-eater, as you can probably tell from my 400lb frame. But let me tell you something – giving up meat and all other animal products was the best decision I have ever made, and that compassion forged strength in my life beyond what I thought was possible physically, emotionally and spiritually. My efforts to encourage others to challenge and conquer their own struggles whether they happen to be addiction, depression, or lack of purpose, all have the emphasis of giving back to others in some way.”

If you’re looking for some plant-based inspiration you’ll love our next Vegan Keto star, Heather, who managed to lose 125 pounds and the weight has stayed off for over a year. Apart from being overweight, Heather’s blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar were borderline and she had arthritis in both her knees, suffered from chronic back pain and depression. 

Heather embraced a plant-based lifestyle and cut out all high-carb, high-sugar, and highly-processed foods.

This is Heather’s story: “I lost 125 pounds or half my body weight. During my health screening, all of my biometrics were in “optimal” range. I found myself at 40 years old, 5’6” tall, 125 pounds, a former smoker and drinker. I no longer had arthritic inflammation in both my knees, no back pain, no longer on medication for an irregular heartbeat, no longer short of breath and happier than I had ever been. My self-esteem improved tremendously, and I had so much energy. My initially skeptical husband has lost 60 pounds. More importantly, he took another stress test and easily completed over 9 minutes with his heart pumping at 62% capacity. He no longer has “heartburn” or chest pains and only takes half the medications he was prescribed.”

Let’s Sum up the Benefits of a Vegan Keto Diet

We briefly introduced you to 5 Vegan Keto winners. Did you notice that our stars are young and not-so-young, male and female, active and not-so-active? Vegan Keto isn’t simply a trendy diet for young people or a precautionary lifestyle adjustment for older people with health issues. No way! It’s for anyone and everyone who wants to adopt a healthy, guilt-free, plant-based, sugar-free, and low-carb way of doing life. 

The benefits go beyond weight loss and include things like correcting Eve’s hypertension, high cholesterol, and sleep apnea; Bethany’s allergies and asthma; Bonebreaker’s lack of purpose and his high blood pressure and early stages of diabetes; and Heather’s blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, arthritis, back pain, and depression. 

Choose health and choose to be kind, the Vegan Keto way. So based on these amazing testimonials, “Does Vegan Keto really work?”. We sure think so!

Ready To Go Vegan Keto?

If you are overweight, or just want to shed a few unwanted pounds, why don’t you read these articles to find out more about this revolutionary way of eating?

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