Our 20 Favorite Vegan Keto Dessert Recipes

best vegan keto desserts

If you’re like us, you’ve most probably gone on your fair share of “fridge raids” looking for something sweet to eat after dinner, lunch, and maybe during those mid-morning cravings. What’s wrong with this? Nothing. Cravings aren’t bad and neither should they be looked down upon, we’re human! Nonetheless, if you’re on a vegan keto streak, you can make the most out of these cravings and not have to take an awfully guilty step back on your vegan keto diet. We’re going to let you raid our 20 Favorite Vegan Keto Dessert Recipes.

Gosh, this is going to be a good one. I’m salivating as I’m typing these very words. Because there’s something you should know, healthy does not mean less-delicious. There are tons of amazing vegan keto dessert recipes out there to get that sweet tooth satiated, your tummy full and your body healthy and fresh – and energized. 

Warning: This very post may cause many of you to run out to the store to fetch the ingredients you need! Ready to check out some killer dessert recipes? Let’s get into it. 

1. Vegan Keto Cupcakes 

Kicking off the list, we have these heavenly keto cupcakes you wouldn’t believe are this healthy. The mixture also includes matcha green tea in the avocado mousse on top, so this is not only a great treat, but it’s also a booster. And you’ll be surprised to know that there is a bit of coffee included in this too. So if you’re looking to munch on these during evening cravings, you can use decaf, or just save them for some other time during the day. They’re delicious! 

Net Carbs: Not mentioned

Hero Ingredient: Erythritol. I love this for baking. It’s a natural sweetener, and if you’re into baking you know that liquid sweeteners don’t do it for you. So this one’s naturally sweet, healthier than sugar and has no weird aftertaste. 

2. Chocolate Peanut Butter Vegan Keto Ice Cream 

Sometimes, coming across some good old ice cream is difficult when on a keto diet. Simply because store-bought ice cream always has either dairy or non-keto-friendly ingredients. Luckily enough, you can make your own vegan keto chocolate ice cream at home! This is a creamy, rich and buttery ice cream that may have even been meant for the Goddesses. Grab your spoon, cause you’ll be craving this ice cream over any other all day. 

Net Carbs:8g 

Hero Ingredient: Peanut Butter. Peanut butter is always in my pantry. Especially if it’s this keto-friendly brand. It’s made with roasted peanuts and I swear you taste them. Absolutely delish, don’t miss out on it! 

3. Almond Butter Fat Bombs 

Fat bombs are pretty huge in the vegan keto dessert community and their also very healthy! They provide that nice, buttery texture and all from the plant-based fats it contains. This recipe is delightful. Plus, it’s one of our favorites because of #almonds. Plus, their super easy to make and you can store them in the freezer all week and raid it whenever those sugary and carby cravings come around. I don’t know what else to say to convince you, except these are made with just 3 ingredients. 

Net Carbs: Not mentioned

Hero Ingredient: Almond Butter. This one’s one of my favorites. It’s not too expensive and it adds creaminess and smoothness to your recipes without the added sugars. Oh, and you can even eat it out of the tub, that’s how good it is (let’s just keep that a secret between us!). 

4. Vegan Keto Chocolate Cake 

This one’s just one of those recipes you’ll have stuck to your fridge door, trust me. The things about this exquisite, almost celestial, vegan keto chocolate cake is not only the avocado mocha frosting on top (which is just, ugh) but also the yummy raspberry filling! Can you believe it? I couldn’t, the first time I tried it. It’s truly glorious in it’s vegan, keto, sugar-free goodness. Truly something I go back to every time I get a chance. 

Net Carbs: 4g

Hero Ingredient: Granulated Pyure. This is such a dynamic product. If you’re a baker at heart, you have to try it. Not only it is keto-friendly, non-GMO and organic, but it’s also a great granulated sugar substitute, it blends amazingly and bakes very well. You can even use it in your coffee or tea too! If you are a chocolate cake fiend try our Oh So Decadent Choc Coffee Cake recipe.

5. Vegan Keto Carrot Cake 

Carrot cake is no longer a favorite you have to give up on. This amazing recipe is made without eggs, it’s totally vegan, and it’s topped off with a creamy, delightful, dairy-free cream cheese frosting. Believe me, when I say, this is one of the best vegan keto carrot cakes I’ve ever had. It’s jam-packed with natural, chopped up carrots from your pantry and topped off with not only that cream cheese but also with some spicing and walnuts. Give it a shot, you won’t regret it. 

Net Carbs: 3.5g

Hero Ingredient: Ceylon Cinnamon. You can’t go wrong with cinnamon. Especially coming from a fair-trade brand like this one. It’s just the perfect amount of spice and leaves a pure cinnamon taste in your mouth. Perfect for “spicing” up vegan keto dessert recipes. 

6. Vegan Keto Chocolate Popsicles 

Some people may think that making some creamy vegan keto ice cream can be a hassle, not only to make but also impractical to snack on during the day. There’s a solution to this and it’s called a popsicle. Surely you’ve heard of it, right? Has it been that long since you’ve had a popsicle? Those days are over, my friend. These scrumptious, fudge-like, vegan keto popsicles should be your go-to ice cream recipe from this day forward. Have some fun and make these! 

Net Carbs: 5g

Hero Ingredient: Fermented Raw Cacao Powder. The beans used for this cacao powders come straight from the Dominican Republic and are fair-trade certified. One of the best cacao powders I’ve had. No disappointing artificial flavoring found anywhere and for a great price! 

7. 4-Ingredient Vegan Keto Ice Cream 

Now, in order to prove anyone who thinks that making vegan keto ice cream is harder than being on the actual diet wrong… I’m just going to leave this practical 4 ingredient vegan keto ice cream recipe for you to take a look at. Once you’re finished with it, you’ll want to bake yourself a batch of vegan keto brownies to top them off with this glorious ice cream you just made! And it holds the same delicious creaminess as regular ice cream as well as all the flavor. 

Net Carbs: Not mentioned.

Hero Ingredient: Canned coconut milk. Canned coconut milk has a much thicker, richer and creamier texture which is special for keto vegan dessert making. The cream achieved with this organic coconut milk is delightful, best I’ve ever had. And you can even make some whipped cream and store it in the freezer. 

8. Vegan Keto Chocolate Bliss Bombs 

What to do when those cravings hit you out of nowhere? You’ll have some days in which you’re fine and then some days when cravings are happening at every other hour of the day. So, in order to satisfy this hunger, you can snack on these oh, so, truly blissful vegan keto dessert bombs. Not only will you be satisfied (and probably want more), it’ll kick you into high gear because of all the proteins and fibers it has. 

Net Carbs: Not mentioned.

Hero Ingredient: Sunflower seeds. I love these. The soaking and drying process gives them the perfect balance of crunch action. Sprinkle these on anything and live for it. 

9. Fudgiest Vegan Keto Brownies 

Vegan keto brownies are a thing and you’re about to learn how to make yourself a batch right at home. Brownies are a lot of people’s favorites, especially to snack on during a Sunday. You definitely don’t have to miss out on that. This recipe is one of our favorites for a reason, they’re fudgy and crunchy on top. It holds the same texture as any other “regular” brownie would and I’m talking about that gooey, rich flavoring and obviously – sweet, sweet, sweet! 

Net Carbs: 8g

Hero Ingredient: Vanilla bean ghee. This came as a surprise to me. It’s a substitute for butter and gives such a rich vanilla taste to recipes without being overpowering at all. You could use coconut oil instead, but if you want to kick it up a notch, try this brand of vanilla bean ghee and enjoy. 

10. Super Chocolate Almond Vegan Keto Pudding 

Who doesn’t love to snack on some delicious, healthy pudding mid-day? This heavenly, creamy pudding is not only simple to make, but it’s also the best we’ve ever tried. Especially when topped off with some crunchy almonds for texture. All you need to do is grab the ingredients, throw them in a blender and press the button. Done! It’s a super scrumptious option for your cravings and even offers hints of coconut. What are you waiting for? Start blending up this delish vegan keto dessert. 

Net Carbs: 4g

11. Ultimate Vegan Keto Lemon Cake 

If you’ve been looking around for the ultimate vegan keto dessert recipe for lemon cake, you’ve just found it. Have you taken a look at this delight? Truly, if you’re a lemon lover or someone who’s more into fruity and zesty desserts, give this recipe a try! It truly doesn’t disappoint. The only thing that changes with this recipe is that it’s much healthier than a regular lemon cake, but with all the classic lemon cake flavors that you know and love. Again this is another recipe that calls for eggs that I recommend replacing with Bob’s Redmill Egg Replacer.

Net Carbs: 8g

Hero Ingredient:​ Powdered Monk Fruit Sweetener.​This is great for making a delightful, low-carb, no-sugar frosting for any vegan keto dessert. I love it, I always have it on hand in case I need it top baked goods off. This brand is great because they make substitutes for brown, white, and granulated sugar! 

12. Vegan Keto Tiramisu Cake

I feel Tiramisu lovers are very specific with their taste buds. Like they’re their own community of Tiramisu Believers, don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me. But if you’re one of them, you need to get a hold of this recipe now. Because the best thing about Tiramisu is not only the coffee flavor combined with the sweetness, it’s how moist and creamy it is all at the same time. Truly magical. In this recipe, you won’t be missing out on any of this. You’ll be missing out if you don’t try it! 

Net Carbs: not available

Hero Ingredient: Vanilla Bean Paste. Unlike vanilla extract (which I also love) this paste is great for baking and provides a unique, more natural flavor to your mixes. When I found out you could also add it to smoothies I was so happy! It’s nutritious, delish, and made right here in the USA. 

13. Vegan Keto Lemon Pound Cake 

A lemon pound cake over a cup of tea or coffee is a moment in itself. And of course, those of us on restrictive healthy diets like vegan keto, don’t have to necessarily miss out on the company of a good friend, a hot cozy beverage and a lemon pound cake on the side! For this, we found this amazing, soft recipe that rounds up the amazing, soury and zesty taste of lemon. All topped off with creamed lemon poppyseed on top, can you believe? Truly celestial. This recipe calls for eggs but can easily be swapped out with an egg replacer. I like Bob’s Redmill Egg Replacer. There’s a reason it’s got 5 stars on Amazon. A vegan bakers’ best friend.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned

14. Vegan Keto Moist Chocolate Brownies 

Looking for your next go-to vegan keto dessert brownies? Here they are. This one’s a bit different than the previous one we saw. This one includes a scrumptious keto jam recipe 

(please don’t miss out on this) and a gorgeous chocolate ganache to go on top. It’s safe to say that more than a brownie recipe, it’s your next gooey chocolate cake recipe topped off with some cute strawberry decorations. 

Net Carbs: 6.8g

Hero Ingredient: Walnuts.​ These are probably the freshest tasting walnuts I’ve ever had. They’re surprisingly creamy, crunchy, and have the pure delicious walnut taste. Trust me and give these a try, you’ll never go back to any other brand! 

15. Keto Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies 

We couldn’t include cookies because we simply LOVE cookies. They’re an all-around snack and perfect for munching when the cravings come along. We love this vegan keto cookie recipe because it’s soft and chewy and loaded with healthy plant-based proteins. So not only is it delicious, it’s a hearty snack you can dive into without feeling guilty afterward, just really, really happy! Also, if you’ve been taking care of your calorie intake, these bad boys go for 30 calories each. Pretty nice if you ask me! 

Net Carbs: 2.4g

Hero Ingredient: Whole Psyllium Husks. This is a super high-quality supplement and great for baking. I always have it in my pantry for mixing into my food but also for baking! This is the best tasting psyllium husks I’ve had up to date, no weird tastes like other brands. 

16. Vegan Keto Pumpkin Cookies 

Whenever the pumpkin craze comes along during the year, you’ll definitely be ready to take it all in. Especially because pumpkin is one of those versatile veggies you can do almost anything with, from savory to sweet, to anything in between. So let me present you with one of my favorite vegan keto pumpkin cookies (which you can definitely have for dessert). I love these, they hide a special, coconutty flavor inside amidst the spiciness, yet sweetness of the pumpkin. All while being crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Heavenly. 

Net Carbs: Not mentioned.

Hero Ingredient: Chia seeds. This is my go-to chia seed brand. You can tell they are fresh, organic, and super nutritious. Plus, these are the safest chia seeds I’ve come to find. Don’t get me started on all the proteins, iron, calcium and low calories it has. If you’ve been meaning to avoid chia seeds that are not 100% organic, this is your pick! 

17. Easy Keto NO-BAKE Cookies 

If you’re no baker or just want to make a batch of a good vegan keto dessert (in cookie form), take a look at this recipe. These cookies are bomb! All you have to do is make the preparation, and load your freezer up with them. Wait until their ready and you’ll be having dessert in no time. This is more of a cold treat, but we won’t judge if you eat these during the winter. Our mantra is: What’s the best time for cookies in any way, shape or form? Any time. 

Find the Recipe: Net Carbs: 3g

18. Christmas Tree Vegan Keto Sugar Cookies 

Now that you’ve got your pumpkin cookies down, let’s take a look at these super cute vegan keto Christmas cookies! You’ll have them wondering where you got these with this recipe. Christmas is the perfect time of the year to get the creativity and baking going in the kitchen. These are not only hearty and healthy, but they’re also absolutely delicious with none of the sugar or artificial dyes added. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how good they actually are. 

Net Carbs: 0.7g

Hero Ingredient: Agave Nectar Syrup. I recently found this stevia-infused agave nectar which I use for pancakes or other baked goods. It has an amazing agave nectar taste and much fewer carbs. This is my go-to supplement for maple syrup. A great option to sweeten your vegan keto dessert recipes. 

19. Vegan Keto Almond Cookies 

Almonds are every dessert’s best friend. Don’t you think? They just make everything better. This is one of those vegan keto cookies recipes you can’t miss because you probably have everything in your pantry all ready to start making them! If you’re craving desserts, take a shot at making a batch of these. You won’t regret it, these are a treat you’ll feel happy about giving into! 

Net Carbs: 3g

Hero Ingredient: Unsweetened vanilla almond milk. This unsweetened almond milk can be sweetened if you need it to be. It’s rich, delicious and smooth loyal to a true vanilla taste. I just love it, to be honest. You can even have it your cereal, coffee or during your midnight fridge raid and drink it straight from the carton! 

20. Keto Coconut Milk Ice Cream 

What best to top this list off than with a vegan keto ice cream dessert recipe? This totally exquisite keto coconut milk ice cream is everything. Not only is it crazy good, but it’s also healthy too! It’s packed with all the vitamins and minerals coconut milk has to offer and only contains about 5g net carbs. A lot of keto ice cream recipes out there are not vegan, but this one is and you just have to get a taste of it. 

Net Carbs: 5g

Hero Ingredient: Coconut cream. This cream comes at a great price, it’s gluten-free and dairy-free, and it’s also unsweetened. Great to use a base. This is one of the thicker and creamier coconut milks, you can even top of smoothies with it. I love it. 

Well, excuse me while I go bake one of these delightful vegan keto dessert recipes! Most of them are so easy to make, you just have to give them a try during your free time. In my personal opinion, one of the best experiences I’ve had is making vegan keto ice cream, it’s crazy good. 

What are you waiting for, give these a shot and let us know how it goes! If you have any keto questions, get in touch with us. Happy vegan keto eating!

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