Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Preparation Time: 10 minutesCooking Time: 30 minutes

This Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup will warm the cockles of your heart, and infuse in you a nurturing space of self-love.

vegan keto shitake mushroom coconut soup

Hot Steaming Bowls Of Magical Mushroom Soup. This Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup will warm the cockles of your heart, and infuse in you a nurturing space of self-love.

Tempted yet?

Let us share with you this simple offering of the Shiitake Mushroom in a nourishing bowl of pure bliss.

What Vegan Keto Delights Does This Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup Have To Tantalize Your Tastebuds With?

The benefits of Shiitake shrooms in a vegan keto diet are mind-boggling.

Shiitakes are anti-inflammatory, high in copper, and low in carbs. In fact, they are the 4th best source of copper around. And copper is an essential antioxidant mineral.

By the way, cashews, sesame seeds, and soy beans take the top 3 slots.

To reap the full benefits of shiitake mushrooms, try adding 1 cup of raw shiitakes to your daily vegan keto meal plan.

5g of dried shiitakes = 28g of fresh shiitakes = 1 serving size.

And 8 single servings = 1 cup

Simple yet Brilliant

The genius of this recipe is that it combines carrots, shiitakes, green beans and onions. It is nutrient dense and high in potassium. Making it a soup that will outperform and outshine loads of traditional soup recipes.

A potassium deficiency is sometimes linked to cancer and cancer treatments, so this bold soup has, in theory, potassium in oodles, without the noodles.

The addition of coconut milk boosts the fat content. And the synergy of all the ingredients balances out the carb load of the carrots.

Are dried shiitake mushrooms as good as fresh?

Yes, and sometimes they are better. The dried shiitake develop a stronger umami, through the sun-drying process. It can be described as a hearty, savory flavor.

I’m loathe to use the word “meaty” to describe the umami but it really does add a beautiful rich depth to this soup.

For new vegan converts on keto, this will really hit the spot.

History of our hero ingredient – Shiitake Shrooms

Wild shiitakes have been around since the dinosaur days, and were discovered growing in regions of China, Japan, Indo and Taiwan. Today they are the second most widely cultivated mushrooms in the world.

Originally Shiitake was grown on oak logs. These days, in the States, the oak has been replaced with sawdust and rice bran.

Shiitake mushooms have a whole list of possible health benefits. It is used in the East for longevity and as an aphrodisiac.

Vegan Keto Shiitake Soup

Why are shiitake mushrooms a Vegan Ketotarian’s BFF?

Shiitakes are known for their medicinal qualities. Shiitake mushrooms contain something called lentiavidins. and guess what, avidins are the proteins found in egg whites. Wow! These unique proteins bind with biotin (also found in shiitakes).

Could the lentiavidin in shiitakes, produce the same benefits as the avidins in eggs?

If they do then they score even more brownie points as a vegan keto superfood. Biotin assists in metabolizing fats and fatty acids. Loads more studies must be done to prove anything. But they do also contain eritadenine, which is a vasodilator.

Our Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup will make a great post-workout snack.

You can buy Shiitakes fresh, dried, or in powder form.

How Easy Is It To Make?

If you know how to make soup then our Hearty Shiitake recipe down below will be easy to follow.

If some of the ingredients are new to you, you may feel a bit intimidated. But don’t be. Our recipes are clear and concise.

And besides, if you are following a vegan keto meal plan I reckon you’re a pretty adventurous type of person.

hearty vegan keto coconut mushroom shitake soup

Will It Break The Vegan Keto Bank?

The goodness that goes into Hearty Shiitake Vegan Keto Soup will not cost an arm and a leg. Just an arm maybe.

But jokes aside. A good tip for making a vegan Keto lifestyle hassle free is Be Prepared. This means stocking up your Vegan Keto pantry with as many of the wild and wacky ingredients as you can afford.

Over time you’ll figure out what you like using most and when a recipe calls for certain “secret ingredients” you will already have it in the cupboard. So eating this way is way more affordable than you think. Cos remember you ain’t eating meat anymore, or cheese, or exotic sweet fruits.

Top Secret Vegan Keto Ingredient

Surprise, surprise! Coconut Milk.

Coconut milk is to Vegan Keto what Strawberries are to Cream. In other words, coconut milk is a firm favorite in our meal plans.

Coconut milk has a unique fatty acid profile. Traditional ketogenic meal plans promote as much fat as you want from as many sources as possible.

Vegan Keto meal plans differ because we are dropping the dairy AND the meat fats!! Coconut milk will be one of your best choices to boost the fat content in a meal

It is 93% fat, with only 2g net carbs.

This is a staple in vegan keto cooking for sure. And you can find organic fair trade non-GMO, coconut milk almost everywhere these days.

1 cup of coconut milk will give you just under 45g of fat.

Vegan Keto Winner!

Coconut milk is a sustainable, dairy-free, gluten-free, diabetic-friendly healthy substitute for cream and milk. But it is more than a substitute. It stands on its own as an awesome addition to so many types of dishes.

It is versatile and easy to use. You can get it in many forms. Buy coconut milk powder or canned coconut milk. You can even make your own from fresh, mature coconuts.

Tip: Check labels before you buy. Often commercial coconut milk brands will have added stabilizers, and thickeners like guar gum. The stuff that gets added could mess with your fat to carb ratio.

Also check for hidden sugars, or added sugars. Unsweetened brands are available.

So try and get 100% pure unadulterated coconut milk. Organic is always the best option. Coconut milk is a sustainable, cruelty-free, high-fat winner in the vegan keto arsenal of ingredients.


Light and carefree, with a touch of soul.

vegan keto shitake mushroom soup recipe

Kitchen Tools

  • 1 Large Pot with a tight-fitting lid
  • Sharp cutting knife, there is lots of chopping involved
  • Or use the chopping attachment of your blender
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vegan keto shitake mushroom soup

Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup

  • Author: Kind and Keto
  • Prep Time: 10
  • Cook Time: 30
  • Total Time: 40
  • Yield: 2 1x


This Hearty Vegan Keto Shiitake Mushroom Soup will warm the cockles of your heart, and infuse in you a nurturing space of self-love.



  • 1 cup dry Shiitake mushrooms, hydrated
  • 1 carrot, diced
  • 1 red bell pepper, diced
  • 56 broccoli stalks, fresh or frozen
  • 2 garlic gloves, diced
  • 1 yellow onion, diced
  • 1 cup firm tofu, cubed
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1 cup coconut cream
  • 1&1/2 cup water
  • 1 inch ginger piece, peeled and grated
  • 1 tbsp red curry paste
  • 1 tbsp freshly squeezed lime juice


  1. Heat the coconut oil into a medium soup pot, add the mushrooms, onions, garlic, carrot, bell pepper and broccoli, and cook over medium heat for 5 minutes, stirring frequently.
  2. Add the red curry paste, ginger, coconut cream and water, mix to combine and bring to boil.
  3. Turn the heat to low and simmer for 20 minutes.
  4. Add the tofu and simmer for 5 more minutes.
  5. Divide into bowls, drizzle the lime juice and serve warm.

  • Category: Dinner


  • Serving Size: 2

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