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These exotic flavors will wow even the most sophisticated taste buds! This Starfruit Thai Salad is as exotic as it is healthy! Not that we’ll known, it’s time we gave this humble fruit a starring role!

This stunning vegan keto starfruit Thai salad takes me straight to the streets of Thailand. Sweet, zesty dressing, and colorful just like the much-loved Southeast Asian paradise itself.

Origins of Thai Salad

The starfruit, or Carambola, is native to Southeast Asia. The fruit is very unique in flavor, with an apple-ish sweet and sourness. The star fruit has high levels of oxalic acid – comparable to spinach! The juice of the starfruit, being acidic, can be used to clean metal surfaces! For our bods Carambola are rich in Vitamin C, B5, dietary fiber, and folate.

How Easy Is This Vegan KETO Thai Salad To Make?

It takes a bit of slicing and dicing and slivering to make something THIS pretty.

Keto Vegan Thai Salad

Will This Recipe Break the Vegan Keto Bank?

Sometimes starfruit can be a little hard to find. It’s tricky to ship without damage, so that can hike up the price. You can sub for blueberries if you prefer.

Vegan Keto Secret Tip 

Being fussy little tropical fruits, the starfruit is not fond of the cold.

Keep them out of the fridge unless they’re going to spoil. 

They look so pretty out on the kitchen bench or dining table.

Not easy to find fresh fruit but you can get dried starfruit here.

Recipe Equipment

Food Processor, skillet large bowl.

Keto Vegan Thai Salad


This vegan keto thai salad is reserved for an exotic mood. Blitz up a keto cocktail and soak up some sunshine, you’re gonna be starstruck over this salad.

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