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vegan keto basics

What’s the deal with this whole Keto thing?!

Well I’ll Tell Ya…

The Pain Point

Many vegans on a high carb low fat diet complain of poor complexion, low energy, moodiness and lack of muscle tone.

Time For A Change

Unfortunately for years we’ve been fed the wrong info regarding the benefits of a low fat, high carb diet. The same grain lobby who feeds the factory animal farming machine is also the biggest donor to the American Heart Association promoting the low fat high carb narrative.

A Better Way To Go Plant Based

Thankfully the narrative is changing and a new generation of vegans & Vegetarians are embracing the the benefits of eating healthy fats with protocols like the ketogenic diet showing amazing results.

The Time is Now

The time to make a change and get the health that you deserve is now. We no longer have to sacrifice our health in order to live out our beliefs.

Now we can have our Keto Vegan Chocolate Grain Free Cake and eat it too. Try our Kind & Keto 21-Day Diet System and see what living your best life feels like.

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