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Easy, simple, kind, clean, vegan and keto… Breakfast ideas! You’ll soon find that eating this way, isn’t only a lifestyle choice, it’s a continuous search for the most conscious, healthy eating habits.

And because we’re here to help others on their journey to eating cleaner, kinder and healthier, we’ve come up with some kickass breakfast recipes for those high energy mornings you’ve been longing to feel.

No more sluggish, “if I get up, I’ll pass out” mornings. Nope!

Forget about all that.

Breakfast IS the most important meal of the day and starting it off with some of these delicious recipes, will definitely be a game changer for you, as it was for us. Cause if what you’re looking for is a sweet, splendid, productive day, you need to get your hands on these a-ma-zing vegan keto breakfast recipes. And hey, we know all about getting used to a new diet plan.

Yep, it can and will get a little bumpy at times. But as soon as you hit those bumps, you’ll begin to notice your body isn’t receiving all the nutrient fuel it needs. Been there done that!

Our advice? Start by preparing simple meals, and go from there. Vegan keto is totally worth it.

The following recipes are our compilation of favorite vegan keto breakfast recipes, go on! Scroll a bit and discover your favorites too 🙂

1. Vegan Keto Overnight Breakfast “Oats”Opens in a new tab.

Ugh, can we just say how much we adore “noats” recipes?

If you’re not familiar, these are recipes which emulate oats, but obviously, don’t really add them, as goes against our lovely Keto Don’ts. Apart from not having grains, the best part’s that you can add your fave non-sugary fruits & nuts as toppings. It’s a very adaptable, quick, dish to whip up and kick start your day.

Hungry for dessert? Late night snack? You can definitely make this recipe for other times of the day as well. Grab yourself some almonds or seeds, sprinkle them on top and get ready to take the day (or night).

Net Carbs:Not listed with the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Hearts.

Gosh, these will really make this recipe (and any other) super smooth and delicious. I love this brand because not only is it a verified non-GMO project, it’s made with 100% wind power. Talk about healthy, conscious, and kind on many levels. Get Manitoba Hemp Hearts here (from Amazon)

2. Low Carb Cinnamon Roll Keto Breakfast MuffinsOpens in a new tab.

If you’ve ever wondered what you’d do without baked treats in your life after deciding to go vegan keto, you’re not the only one. Cause, we did too. That was until we discovered it was still super possible to bake-away some amazing treats, even on a slightly more restrictive diet as keto vegan can be. Trust us on this one, it doesn’t change much!

You’ll be substituting high-carb, to plant-based, healthy and mindful eating. Once you get this little fear out of the way and start trying recipes such as this stunning cinnamon roll muffins, you’ll know for a fact you’re not missing out.

Are you hungry for these already? Cause we are.

Net Carbs:3g

Hero Ingredient:


This cinnamon, you’ll just love. It goes well with any recipe and doesn’t leave you that “processed” after taste most cinnamon brands have. It’ll taste super legit, while still being affordable.

3. Cauliflower Vegan Keto HashbrownsOpens in a new tab.

Kind and Keto cauliflower

Did you think hashbrowns were completely lost for you? Well, we love being bearers of great news, cause you won’t!

In this recipe, you’ll be substituting starchy, carby potatoes for a much more healthier veggie: Cauliflower.

Start off the day with some happy, savory, tingly, flavors. Plus, you’ll be delighted to know that cauliflowers are a great source of vitamins and minerals while being tasty, good looking, and totally versatile. Dig in!

Snack on these crunchy, brittle hashbrowns sooner than later.

Net Carbs:20g

Hero Ingredient:

Chickpea flour.

If you’ve been keto vegan for a while now, you know about the existence of many flour substitutes and how complicated it can be to find the right tasting ones. If you’re new, then I’ll tell you where to go. This recipe calls for chickpea (or besan) flour, which you can get from this brand, all their produce are kind and environmentally friendly. 10/10 recommend.

4. Cinnamon & Pecan Keto Breakfast PorridgeOpens in a new tab.

Cinnamon & Pecan Keto Porridge

This one’s super nutty and we love feasting on it. This porridge calls for some culinary creativity!

You can add whichever nuts you prefer, no barriers here. It’s the perfect option for before or after your early morning workout ‘cause it’ll leave you feeling hea-ven-ly.

Jam-packed with coconut, almond milk (or your favorite alternative), plant-based oil and seeds.


You’ll be craving for more. Trust us on this one, it’ll soon turn into your go-to breakfast recipe in just a few tries. Plus, not only is it absolutely delicious, it’s satisfyingly satiating too.

Net Carbs:5.2g (per serving)

Hero Ingredient:


Primavera’s nuts are delicious, to say the least. Their bags come perfectly sealed to maintain quality, and you won’t find as many broken pieces as with other brands. Whole halves for your tummy and a reasonable price for your pocket. Buy here.

5. Vegan Keto Quiche CupsOpens in a new tab.

Vegan Quiche Cups

Another recipe to throw into our batch of savory recipes. This one’s pretty easy! You’ll surely add it to your fav’s list faster than you can say “kind & keto”.

Only a couple of elements and ingredients are needed, stuff you surely have stored away in your pantry as we speak. These celestial quiche cups can be munched on for breakfast, late morning snack, brunch, pre-dinner cravings… You get it.

These are very versatile and will go great with a cup of coffee, a shake or just plain water.

THAT’S how delicious they are.

Net Carbs:5g

Hero Ingredient:

Garlic Seasoning.

For savory recipes such as this one, seasoning is sooo important. Don’t you think? In this case, I love me some garlicky flavors from Spice Islands that blends them to perfection. You’ll get that natural garlic flavor that you love without having to chop the actual cloves up. Buy here.

6. Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Coconut OilOpens in a new tab.

Vegan Bulletproof Coffee Coconut Oil

A different take to your morning coffee that tastes even better than the real deal.

What? Yup, not kidding here.

Who said going keto vegan was cutting off on trying delicious new things?

Well, whoever did was definitely wrong. Just take a look at this delicious coffee recipe. It’s a vegan take on bulletproof coffee (originally calls for grass-fed butter) which is creamy, easy to make and includes cacao butter, almond butter, and coconut oil. All plant-based, healthy fats that’ll give you an effective morning boost.

Net Carbs:Not mentioned on the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Cacao Butter.

This Mayan’s Secret organic cacao butter goes above and beyond in terms of quality. It’s fresh and comes from a non-GMO production, also raw and certified organic. I love this option so much, I’d probably go on forever writing about it. Oh, and talk about convenient. Did you look at the price? Stunned. Buy here.

7. Vegan Keto Chia Pudding RecipeOpens in a new tab.

Chia Pudding Recipe

Ah, the infamous Chia seeds… A “must” for oh, so many keto vegan recipes.

Why wouldn’t they be? You can find them anywhere, they’re high on nutrients, natural, healthy, keto-friendly, convenient and honestly? We can go on forever.

We stan chia seeds, we’ll just admit it now. Sure, texture can get a bit odd in some recipes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t accomplish a smooth texture while still feasting on some delish seeds. If you’re really into trying chia seed recipes, you just need to know, right off the bat: Chia seeds are a superfood, you can’t not have them around.

Check this pudding, for example, it’s smooth and totally delicious.

Are you going to miss out? Of course not!

Net Carbs:12g

Hero Ingredient:

Orange extract.

You can’t have pudding without some added flavoring. This orange extract from Frontier Co-op is the way to go. It’s from an organic source, alcohol-free, and made with oil from natural oranges.

8. Creamy Cinnamon Vegan Breakfast SmoothieOpens in a new tab.

Creamy Cinnamon Smoothie

Smoothies are a clear, quick, run-out-the door solution for your quick breakfast needs. Grab your blender and throw in some unique ingredients, like in this recipe! I’m already drooling over the words “creamy cinnamon”.


Like many of the options you’re about to check out in our keto vegan recipe ideas, you’ll find these to be pretty adaptable to any time of day. Especially when feeling like snacking on something while striving to stay consciously healthy. Smoothies are morning, mid-morning, mid-afternoon, all-around meals. We love these.

No dairy, no eggs, just clean, plant-based glory.

Net Carbs:4.7g

Hero Ingredient:

MCT Oil.

This is perfect for this recipe, it’ll turn it into a smooth shake. Nature’s Way Organic MCT oil is super potent, it’s 100% organic, it’s odorless & tasteless and is a go-to substitute for all other traditional oils we’re trying to avoid. Buy here.

9. Maple Walnut Keto Noatmeal Oat-Free Breakfast RecipeOpens in a new tab.

Maple Walnut Noatmeal Oat-Free

If you got just 5 minutes in the morning, then you can totally whip up this Maple Walnut “Noatmeal”, for sure! This makes up for a hearty breakfast. It’s creamy, smooth and loaded with the nutrients you need to kick off your day.

Obviously, we’re talking no sugar & gluten-free, very clean. If you were looking to get a hold of those fatty omega acids, you’ll find ‘em here!

Also, this recipe’s got you covered if you suffer from any digestive issues or just simply choose to avoid foods that cause inflammation. This is your gig. It’s ours too, cause we can’t get enough of it.

Net Carbs:3g

Hero Ingredient:

Monk fruit sweetener.

If you’ve been actively looking for the perfect sweetener, look no further. This sweetener is the perfect combination of monk fruit and erythritol which will match the sweetness you experience in sugar. Non-GMO & natural, truly recommend this one! Buy here. Lakanto’s is by far the most popular monk fruit erythritol sweetener at the moment.

10. Vegan Keto Green Coffee Breakfast ShakeOpens in a new tab.

If you’ve ever needed to shake Monday vibes off, this is your go-to, right here.

This green coffee shake isn’t only super refreshing and clean, it’s also loaded with nutrients, without the added sugars, obvi. Grab your favorite sweetener and get to shaking. Now, you’ll need a couple of things to make this, a greens powder, some stevia, that is if your powder isn’t already sweetened, plus confectioners’ erythritol.

 Ok, this may sound complicated, but trust us, it’s not. And if you got just 3 minutes before you run out the door in the midst of morning chaos, you’ll love us for it.

Having a handy green powder can always be a problem solver, oh, and don’t forget the blender.

If you are a smoothie junkie (and let’s face it, who isn’t these days) Try this vegan smoothie out.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned on the original recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Brewed Coffee.

These are produced with hand-picked organic beans, so you’ll know for sure it’s from a healthy, environment-friendly source. Because of this, there are no added pesticides and the beans are wholesome and great-tasting. And the smell will take you straight to the hills of Sumatra. Give them a try! Buy in bulk (especially if you are “bulletproofing”) and save almost $20!

11. Vegan Keto Yogurt Breakfast BowlsOpens in a new tab.

Keto Yogurt Bowls

For breakfast, going for an easy dairy-free, sugar-free yogurt is always an option. But why not put a little spin on things?

You can always play around with vegan keto recipes, get creative! While playing around with ingredients you might feel worried you may be doing something wrong. But if you ever have a question, contact us! In this recipe, you’ll find you can make boring old yogurt into fun, delicious, colorful yogurt. You’ll need a couple of berries, some coconut shreds, and a bit of morning inspiration.

You can plan out your yogurt bowls for the week and have them ready waiting for you in the fridge! All with different toppings. Yum!

Net Carbs:3.5 g

Hero Ingredient:

Shredded Coconut.

This coconut from Bob’s Red Millis just heavenly and it’ll add a great coconutty taste, without leaving you with just artificial flavoring. This is the best unsweetened coconut I’ve come to find, no preservatives, and totally keto-friendly. Tip: if you buy this brand rather buy 2 x 12 oz stand-up pouches instead of 1 x 24 oz pouch, it works out around 10c cheaper per ounce… You’re welcome. Buy here.

12. Vegan Keto Doughnut Breakfast MuffinsOpens in a new tab.

Kind and Keto Low Carb Doughnut Muffins

These sound like dessert to me, I’m not sure you… But surely we can agree that these sound absolutely delicious.

If I were a fortuneteller, I’d say you will soon be making these batch and feasting on them for breakfast. But hey, when you do, you’ll be able to say “I had dessert for breakfast” and not feel guilty about it.

These bad boys have such a homey and cozy feel to them, that you’ll just want to bake them for a Sunday late-breakfast or lazy afternoon. They’re easy to make, low-carb, vegan, keto and all that good stuff. What else can we say to convince you?

Net Carbs:1.9 g

Hero Ingredient:


Don’t blame me for loving nutmeg. You’ll experience a unique, yet subtle flavor when you add it to any recipe. Frontier Co-Op is a favorite of ours, Fair Trade, non-irradiated, and 100% non-GMO. It has an exceptionally natural flavor and sourced from India. Delicious. Chef’s tip: Use nutmeg to flavor cauliflower, it’ absolutely elevating! Buy here.

13. Low-Carb Keto Avocado ToastOpens in a new tab.

Low-Carb Avocado Toast

Sometimes we forget about simple ideas we’ve come to know and love as kind & keto vegans. Sure, within this recipe, we’ll have to restrict the grains but… surprise, surprise!

On the next recipe, we’ll learn how to make some scrumptious keto vegan bread rolls, which you can toast and top off with your fav keto ingredients. This recipe, in particular, is a clear reminder that simplicity is a can-do when going keto.

Grab yourself an avocado, chop it up, juice a lemon and off you go. It’s so simple, why forget?

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Grape Tomatoes.

Getting your hands on the most natural, environment-friendly produce is so important for a kind&keto lifestyle. These are to die for, free from pesticides and totally healthy.

14. Keto Vegan Bread RollsOpens in a new tab.

Keto Vegan Bread Rolls

Did you miss bread? Wait, let me start over, did you miss bread once you knew keto dieting calls for no-grains?

Well… You must have, I do I have!

But lucky for us all, there are always excellent, super-food, solutions out there. Like these amazing looking bread rolls for instance. With only a few ingredients, you can whip up a batch and save them for the rest of the week, you can also pop them into the freezer for longer conservation.

Spread your favorite sugar-free berry jam or plant-based butter and feel your best!

Net Carbs:13.9g

Hero Ingredient:

Coconut Flour.

On the search for organic, gluten-free substitutes for traditional flour, I came upon this amazing US brand that produces flour from organic sources. Plus, it won’t break your bank or burn a hole through your pockets, totally recommend! Because we use such a lot of coconut I like buying from Bob’s Red Mill cos I can get a pack of 4 which works out cheaper. It also stays fresher for longer cos you are only opening one bag at a time. Buy here.

15. Vegan Keto Coconut Flour Flat BreadOpens in a new tab.

Coconut Flour Flat Bread

Ok, so the last recipe for bread rolls got us thinking about you savory lovers out there and other types of keto vegan bread. Right? Right!

We found this super cool recipe for keto flatbread. What you put in it, we’ll leave up to you! Flatbread is adaptable to anything, it’s an all-around type of bread, that’ll save you from running late in the morning while delivering that boost you need before the day.

Net Carbs:3.5g

Hero Ingredient:

Olive oil.

This recipe calls for it and I call that you use this glorious olive oil from Ellora Frams. Naturally carb-free, naturally sourced, super healthy. This brand is amazing, not only in terms of quality but also because the taste is superb. You can just taste the aroma of their single-origin “Koroneiki” fresh olives. Buy here.

16. Pumpkin Spice Vegan Keto DoughnutsOpens in a new tab.

Pumpkin Spice Vegan Keto Doughnuts

Yet another doughnut take. This one will really take it home!

Maybe, just maybe, pumpkin spice is a bit of a wintery cliché, sure! BUT, you won’t ever regret giving these a try throughout any time of the year. These beauties are soy-free, gluten-free,and nut-free, but filled with flavor. If you ever get a chance to try these, you’ll be at a loss for words, I promise!

Bake a batch and let us know what you think if you can speak, that is!

Net Carbs:1.1g

Hero Ingredient:

Organic Pumpkin Spice.

If you don’t have pumpkin spice in your pantry already, I’ve got just what you need. Once again, it’s Frontier Co-op! No excuses, I love their ethos and the quality of all their spices. This blend is salt-free and combines a tasty traditional blend with the supporting organic and sustainable farming communities. It’s a responsible choice for your bod and the planet! Buy here

17. Curried Tofu Keto Breakfast Scramble (minus the potatoes)Opens in a new tab.

Curried Tofu Scramble

Once you get the hang of making tofu that’s flavorful, delicious (which might take a few tries), and tailored to your palette, you won’t want to stop adding it to your dishes. We’ve had some bad runs with tofu, sure, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have the potential to be appetizing!

For all you savory-breakfast types, here is a great idea to serve up some keto vegan breakfast. All you’ll need is a block of good firm tofu, veggies, and creativity.

 Grab your favorite keto vegetables and get moving! You’ll be happy as a clam thinking you’ve just eaten at Chipotle.

Net Carbs:8g

Hero Ingredient:


Like I said before, making your tofu appetizing has to do with seasoning, for the most part. When it comes to cumin nothing beats Rumi Spice’s Wild-Harvested Afghan black cumin. It’s perfect and the taste is very pure, not like other brands that leave you a strange aftertaste. Buy here.

So now that you know the ultimate kind and keto vegan dishes to serve up for breakfast, why not try some out and let us know? We love to take a look at your dishes and know what you think.

Have any questions about OK & NOT-OK ingredients for recipes? Take a look at our vegan keto basics here.

Happy & kind eating for all 🙂


If you want to eat up any more of our tasty content you can check our other vegan keto blog articles here. And for original Kind & Keto Brekkie Munchies tap here

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