This isn’t your typical weight loss affiliate program. At Kind & Keto, our number one goal is fostering authentic partnerships with like minded plant-based vegan & Vegetarian health nuts who want to create a healthier & kinder world.  

Join our family of animal loving world changers. 

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What Is It?

The Kind & Keto Ultimate Vegan Keto Weight Loss System is a complete diet program which comes with an easy online lessons, meal plans, recipes, 21-day guided challenge, private support group, and professional coaching to help you look and feel like your best self.

How Does It Work?

The magic recipe for plant-based keto affiliate success is taking our 21-Day Plant-Based Keto Challenge and documenting + sharing your journey as you go. 



Apply to become an Affiliate for The Ultimate Vegan Keto Diet System. Take our 21-Day Challenge and document your journey (We’ve found that affiliates who take the challenge and share their authentic experience trying vegan keto have incredible success with our program).



Share your journey with your followers. We provide you with super tasty content that you’ll actually want to share. Or better yet take your own pics showing your progress and recipes. 



Receive 40-50% Commission on all Challenge purchases from your followers (that means you earn $35-$90 on each referral!). You’ll get a unique affiliate link that you can share with your tribe which will automatically track your earnings. 

Ensure a Better Future for Yourself and the Planet

Kind & Keto Affiliate Program Levels

Vegan Keto Gold Affiliate Badge

50% Commission

Tier I affiliate partners will receive a 50% commission on all referral purchases their friends or followers make. Our vegan keto cookie lasts one year (that means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and decides to purchase the challenge 12 months later you still get paid!).

Gold Level Affiliates must have a minimum of 10k followers in their community and create mindful content that’s encouraging and uplifting. 

Vegan keto platinum affiliate badge

60% Commission

Gold level affiliates who have already completed one round of the challenge will be upgraded to the Platinum Tier II Level  60% commission rate for all future rounds of 21-day challenge participation and sharing.  

The perfect bod and world isn’t going to be built in 21 days. We encourage all our members to do multiple rounds of the challenge.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

kind & Keto affiliate programs

Account Manager: That’s us

  • Helps answer tough questions
  • Provides access to great content and imagery
  • Assists with social sharing best practices
  • Provides tech support for you and your followers
  • Loves to chat!
vegan keto affiliate

Vegan Keto Affiliate: That’s you

  • Creates great mindful content
  • Documents and shares 21-Day Vegan Keto Challenge journey to your tribe
  • Helps followers stay motivated on their health journey
  • Promotes a healthy, sustainable lifestyle!

Customer / Your Tribe: Who we do this for

Bring your tribe into the Kind & Keto family with the help of your dedicated Account Manager, tailor-made tutorials, comprehensive FAQs, high-converting advertisements, stunning imagery, and top quality content.

Here To Make Your Life Easier


Delicious, nutritious and unique recipes.

With stunning recipes like this Lupini Bean Vegan Keto Chili packed with healthy fats, you’ll never be short of great imagery 

Beautiful tasty content all ready for you to share with your audience, right now.

Comprehensive Product Guides & FAQs

Our Account Managers and Customer Wellness team  ensure a product benefit never goes unsaid, and a question never goes unanswered.

With great writers from a range of backgrounds we’ve got high quality, reliable, and authoritative articles on anything and everything Vegan Keto

And if we don’t have articles on a particular topic your tribe is interested in yet…Just ask us, and we’ll make it happen.

Vegan Keto Affiliate Program Resources

Ready To Go?

Welcome to our Vegan Keto Affiliate Program Family

We can’t wait to welcome you into the Kind & Keto family!

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