​The secret tricks to tasty wallet friendly deliciousness!

Being healthy doesn’t have to break the bank..

Vegan keto meals are not the most economical on the global menu; but c’mon peeps, are ya really going to serve your belly with a Hungry Jacks vegan burger because it’s cheaper? Nooo don’t do it!! Vegan keto meals on a budget coming your way. I’ll admit that many of our vegan keto meals and superfood ingredients are a bit hefty on the hip pocket. It is frustrating that the cost of healthy living presents challenges to people striving to look after themselves.

It’s absurd that bad guys like plastics, chemically laced skincare products and sugary, carby processed foods are more affordable than the natural gifts from earth. I’m optimistic that bit by bit we’re turning this around. Hopefully by the time our earthly educated kids begin to make their mark – the norm will be right, the future bright and vegan keto meals light – on the budget!

I hear from students often, “how can I afford to be vegan keto?” It’s struggle enough when your student diet consists of mac n’ cheese and two-minute noodles, let alone hemp hearts, avocados and almonds.

It really is sad that “cheap as chips” is a global saying. The world would be a healthier place if we were all saying “cheap as chia.

It really is sad that “cheap as chips” is a global saying. The world would be a healthier place if we were all saying “cheap as chia.

Vegan keto meals on a budget can be done

Like anything worthwhile a bit of work and imagination goes into a budget vegan keto meal.. The issue is not necessarily the cost of healthy food, it’s having the knowledge skills and time to:

Totally rock bland dishes with herb and spicy delish-ness;

Sniff out healthy bargains in all the . right places;

​Plan out your menus in advance with your budget in mind;

Today’s blog mood: Cheap and Cheerful!

I’m a bargain hunter – although I do not haggle. I’m like a stealthy digital scrooge; but i’m generous enough to share my secrets. Therefore, today I am cheerful because I am cheap and not afraid to admit it. I’m grinning because I get to gift fellow budget conscious vegan keto pals with my secrets of incredible companies and winning products I discovered online – that in more ways than one… don’t cost the Earth.

Too time poor to shop around?

Most of our vegan keto meals are constructed with very little cooking time – that saves time!I’ve done all the shopping around for you – that has saved you oodles of time!Feast your eyes on these diamonds…

Yes, I would love to support the local organic health food store with their exorbitant lease and operating costs – and I do when I can. But when the budget is tight, there is no shame in hitting the keyboard and supporting the many emerging ethical and environmental companies with lower overheads.

Not all vegan keto meals have to be organic

​Realistically, you really need deep pockets if ALL of your vegan keto ingredients are organic. As my rule of thumb, anything without a skin that we eat raw should be organic. And I prefer to choose organic for my processed foods like tofu and tempeh.

Let’s face it, berries are expensive everywhere, and being among the only fruits on the vegan keto shopping list, we really do need them in our weekly meal plan. Some times of year are better than others for fresh berries – particularly in Australia.Being among the dirty dozen suspects of pesticide contaminated foods, we strongly recommend you opt for organic berries. This usually results in a punnet price of WHOA OUCH! So when the price of berries is threatening to crash the stock market and my Kind & Keto efforts, I’m all for big bags of frozen organic berries.

There’s nothing wrong with frozen veg either. Frozen spinach is A OK, and whenever you find veggies going cheap – buy in bulk, portion and freeze them. Sounds fiddly; but seriously, put on some tunes, it really takes no time at all.

Limit the processed stuff

I admit that during some of those budget struggle weeks my meal plan can look a little bland; but i’ve learned how to spice it up with a variety of flavour matches made in heaven.

Budget vegan keto mealsare more achievable than you might think. They’re sooo much better and more valuable than slipping back into more ‘convenient’ less than healthy ways.

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