Our Unbiased Review and Pick for Best Vegan Keto Protein Powder

best vegan keto supplements review

Protein powders have become widely popular over the last few years as a supplement to many types of diets. Currently, there’s probably a protein powder for every type of diet out there! And hey, we’ve tried our fair share of protein powders and we’re here to give you the ultimate (unbiased) pick for the best vegan keto protein powder. 

We’ve come to the conclusion that the best vegan keto protein powder out there is Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder. It comes in three flavors, it uses 20 different plant-based proteins and is loaded with 22g of plant-based proteins per serving. It’s a nutrition powerhouse. 

While searching and researching for the best vegan protein powder, you may find a lot of options. But throughout this article, we’re going to teach you not only why Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder is our best pick but also, what to look for in other vegan keto protein powders. 

Not only do we love this powder because real organic cocoa was added to make the chocolate flavor so heavenly good, but also because they add no preservatives, artificial sweeteners, sugar, colors, nothing. It’s all-natural, baby! 

Ora Organic Vegan Protein Powder – Our Fav Vegan Keto Protein Powder 

The great thing about Ora Organic Vegan keto protein powder is how convenient and palatable it is. It also brings with it amazing health benefits, especially for us, vegan ketotarians.

Here are some fascinating advantages of vegan keto protein powders: 

● It helps in the fast recovery from exhausting exercise and resistance training. 

● It helps to reduce muscle soreness. 

● Boosts your exercise performance. 

● Increases your own muscle protein synthesis, which is what people looking to lean down want. 

● Assists you in preserving these healthy lean muscles 

● Organic, gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, soy-free, non-GMO whole food protein. 

● Raw and jam-packed with 20 organic superfoods. The most diverse combination in the market. 

What to Look for in Vegan Keto Protein Powders 

When we personally went out to buy the first protein powders we had a few checkmarks in mind when narrowing down options. First and foremost making sure everything was vegan and keto-friendly, of course. 

Once we narrowed down our options we did try other powders but were amazed by Ora Organic Vegan Protein. This protein powder contains a full spectrum of digestive enzymes to support digestion and bioavailability of nutrients for absorption.​It comes in three delicious flavors, chocolate, vanilla, and vanilla chai, yum! 

We figure that if anyone has other ways to incorporate protein into their smoothies or meals, that’s perfectly fine as well. Plus, boredom in dieting happens, especially when you use the same proteins or supplement every day, so if you can combine proteins within your protein shake, go for it! This is when you might go for an unflavored protein powder instead. 

Think about your needs, do you need a keto powder that’s higher in fats? Are you interested in a vegan keto protein powder that will help with joint-support? There are many ways you can pick your powders, obviously, making sure they follow your vegan keto-friendly guidelines. 

The Benefits of Protein Powders in a Keto Vegan Diet 

Any vegan keto protein powder of your choice will boost your dietary success while improving your body’s ability to stay in ketosis. Which, we can all agree is great! 

Vegan keto protein powders are convenient, great exercise performers, and present cost savings. Protein powders will make your life a bit easier too. You can put amazing vegan keto foods into a blender like spinach, kale, MCT oil, some more protein, blitz for 30 seconds and you’re running out the door. 

Plus, if you’re currently looking to build muscle via your workout routine, protein powder is a great supplement to help you out. Before and after a workout, pack a vegan keto protein powder smoothie. Drink it up! It’ll give you an amazing boost and help you recover afterward. 

On the other hand, protein powders keep your bank account a bit more stable, we’re sure some price tags must have scared you in the past. But when you add some protein powder to your meals and smoothies, you’re getting more grams of protein for less cash. 

When Choosing the Best Vegan Keto Protein Powders, Keep in Mind… 

As mentioned earlier, protein powders are supplements and should not be consumed as replacements for whole meals. If you are consuming protein powder shakes or smoothies at every single meal, something is wrong and it might throw off your ketosis. 

If this is happening, it may be time to sit down and spend some time meal planning, prepping for the week, or just getting your routines organized. 

It’s easy to take the convenient way out when all you have to do is throw ingredients in a blender, we know! However, it’s essential to remember that this is not the purpose of protein powder. Plus, when you’re on a keto vegan diet, your proteins should only account for about 20-30% of your total keto calories. 

This won’t throw you completely out of ketosis, but the truth is, whole foods and meals will still remain more nourishing than doses of protein powders at every meal. 

Add More to Your Protein Shakes/Smoothies 

We’re here to give you options and solutions. To encourage you to try new blends, textures, and different combinations. Being on a vegan keto diet is about experimenting with different ingredients and finding what’s right for you! 

Let’s say you’ve just enjoyed a great work out, of course going for a conventional smoothie with sugars, carbs, or additives will throw you out of your ketosis and use up your precious daily carbs. That’s a fact. 

But, if you’ve decided to give vegan keto protein powders a shot, you can blend other low-carb ingredients to balance the macros of your high protein shakes and create more nutritious blends. 

This will have you enjoying refined flavors, different textures, and a little something more than just water and protein (or the combination you’ve been having for the past two months). 

For those of you looking to gain lean muscle mass, try adding calorie-dense ingredients in order to keep your energy high. 

You shouldn’t be afraid to experiment! Maybe you finally get to that winning mix that reminds you of heavy cream or a hearty milkshake. Don’t forget to moderate these additions to your shakes. 

If you decide to go for unflavored protein powder or are looking to spruce up your smoothies, here’s a list of some really cool ingredients that’ll make your smoothie/shake tastier. This list goes from the lowest calorie-dense to the highest calorie options. 

● Crushed ice 

● Stevia 

● Your favorite matcha powder 

● Leafy greens (try frozen for texture) 

● Flax seeds 

● Hemp hearts 

● Fruits (the keto-friendly kind) 

● Cacao nibs 

● Almond butter 

● Full-fat coconut milk 

● MCT oil 

● Extra virgin olive or coconut oil 

Add Unique Flavors to your Protein Powder Smoothies 

If you’re pumped about combining flavors but just want to add a unique touch to your recipes, here are some options. 

● Try adding small amounts of cocoa powder. 

● Add cinnamon or other spices like cardamom,  chai spice blend, or even a bit of cayenne pepper or turmeric!

● Try different dairy-free milk like almond milk or coconut milk. 

● Have a favorite sugar-free syrup? Drizzle it in! 

● Add your plant-based sweeteners of choice like Monk Fruit extract. 

● Try adding your unflavored protein powder of choice to stews, soups, or oatmeal preparations. 

● Love you some vegan keto pudding? Stir it in! 

What to Avoid in your Keto Vegan Protein Powder Smoothies 

You may want to avoid certain ingredients that won’t do much for your ketosis. 

Artificial Flavors: 

This doesn’t refer to the vanilla or chocolate flavors in most protein powders, which you can read in the ingredients, have been organically sourced and added to the powder. Search for words like “fragrance” or “artificial flavoring” in the ingredients. If you find it, this is a red flag. If it doesn’t explain what they used to add flavor, it’s not an option. 

Vegetable Oils. 

If you’ve been on a vegan keto diet for a while now, you know about avoiding vegetable oils. They are low-quality and produce inflammation. Sure, they are high in fat but do not benefit you on keto. The only acceptable fat sources in oil form for your vegan keto protein powder smoothies are coconut oil, MCT oil, or extra virgin olive oil. 

Other Great Vegan Keto Protein Powders to Consider 

As we said, we’re here to give you options! So here’s a quick list of our other favorite vegan keto protein powders for you to consider. 

1. Vega Sport Protein 

This is a super protein-intense powerhouse. For those of you with workout goals you want to meet before the end of the year, this is a great option to have after your routine. It offers a cool diversity of plant-based proteins, it comes in five different flavors, chocolate, vanilla, mocha, peanut butter, and berry. And also contains anti-inflammatory compounds and comes at only 2g of net carbs per serving. 

2. Birdman Falcon Vegan Protein Powder

Birdman Falcon comes in chocolate or vanilla. Each 2.18lb jar has 33 servings. Each serving has 22g protein, 4.5g BCAAsprobiotics, enzymes, no sugar, and no fillers. It is also organic, dairy, sugar, gluten, and GMO-free.

So it’s suitable for diabetics too.

A percentage of their profits go towards protecting animal rights.

3. Garden of Life Raw Organic Protein 

Another very diverse protein powder made from 13 total plant-based proteins. Nutrition-wise, it’s amazing. It comes in 4 different flavors. It’s not as smooth as the other brands but definitely makes it up with its diversity in protein sources and just 1-2g of net carbs. 

The Bottom Line: Vegan Keto Protein Powders 

Don’t just take our word for it, try some keto vegan protein powders, and if you can, try the delight that is the protein combinations of Ora Organic Vegan Keto Protein Powder. 

Nowadays, the advantages of protein are very well known, from blood sugar control to weight loss, to gaining muscle. Of course, most of us will be able to meet our protein needs through a balanced vegan keto diet, however, protein powders are super convenient when it comes to preparing a quick smoothie and run out the door. It’s an easy way to boost your protein intake and keep you going. 

Many people are already pumped about consuming vegan keto protein powders in their ketogenic or low-carb diets as a supplement. Remember, it’s all in finding the right protein powder for you. Just like it was finding the right diet for you. 

For any questions about vegan keto protein powders, let us know. We are happy to help. 

Thanks For Reading… Our Unbiased Review and Pick for Best Vegan Keto Protein Powder

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