28 Tasty Vegan Keto Recipes

The best vegan keto recipes are too far spread around the web for our amazing global community of conscious eaters. We are so excited to be just one of the many that are helping forward-thinking people awaken to the benefits of the Vegan Keto Diet.

So, get set for one heaven of a list.

You are here because you have heard of and maybe even already experienced the benefits of these two super diets but are a little daunted on how to create tasty meals and snacks packed with healthy fats from nature.

Where can you find a lip-smacking collection of vegan keto recipes that can help you break through into your new world?

Well that’s what we’re here for friends. We’ve scoured the world wide web for the best low-carb, plant-based breakfast, lunch and dinner vegan keto recipes to make your exquisite journey both easy, and delish.

Before we dive into the Recipes… What exactly is Vegan Keto?

The Vegan Ketogenic diet is a low-carb version of the plant-based diet. Simply put, it’s a healthier way to be vegan, and kinder way to be keto.

A keto diet consists of high-fat foods (whoa) + low-carb foods + some modest amounts of protein here and there. The goal of eating keto and vegan is to achieve ketosis in a more planet-friendly plant-based way, so your body burns good whole food fats, instead of glucose and carbs.

You will get 70% of your calories from healthy plant-based fats, and consume around 25% of calories from low-carb plant-based proteins.

There is a natural vegan trap that can catch us all…the intake of too many sugary fruits and high carb processed wheat, grains, bread, and pasta. Vegan keto helps us get our energy from good fruit and veggie sources in order to burn dietary fats (and surplus stores).

So, let’s get into it.

Take a look here: Good fats: Avocado, coconut, olives, nuts, and seeds. Bad fats: Vegetable oil, canola, corn, or any other chemically refined oils

People have found this diet so liberating because of the feeling of satiation, high energy, a lift in mood, while still losing, or maintaining weight depending on your goals. For more info on the vegan keto lifestyle read this ultimate guide.

You’d be surprised about how well you feel after just 3 days of mindful eating, especially if you’ve been experiencing those crummy, gloomy, and not-at-all-productive days when you just know that it may be your diet making you feel this way.

Vegans, vegetarians, paleo, traditional ketogenic dieters… honestly anyone can successfully follow a vegan keto diet. It will take some planning and thought as it can initially seem restrictive; but with resources like this on hand, it can definitely be done.

Without further ado, here are our 28 absolutely delicious vegan keto recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack attacks!

Let’s get cookin’.

Keto Vegan Recipes for Breakfast

The most important meal of the day served up the keto way.

Cheesy? Yes. Vegan cheesy 😉

This collection will keep you happy and active all the way through lunchtime…probably beyond!

1. Keto + Vegan + Gluten-Free Low Carb Breakfast Carrot Cake

Tasty Vegan Keto Recipes Breakfast Carrot Cake

Why not start with a bang! Here’s a delectable keto vegan carrot cake. It’s traditional, easy to make, will lovingly knock your socks off and leave your tastebuds singing… “We are the Champions.”

This dish is definitely an, “I can’t eat just one” type of breakfast food and guess what? You don’t have to stop at one slice. Baked goods are not off the menu going vegan keto and this is a delicious demonstration of that.

Net Carbs:3.5g

Hero Ingredient:

Almond extract.

Hey, why not substitute vanilla for almond sometimes? Things can get interesting! Some almond extract ends up having a very strong alcohol flavor as that is the base ingredient. This almond extract from Rodelle is divine and doesn’t have that alcohol aftertaste.

2. Vegan Keto Bagels

Tasty Vegan Keto Recipes

Did someone say vegan keto bagels? Oh yes, we did.

How can that be? Well thanks a million to our meat-free keto friends here, you’ve bagged a killer vegan keto bagel recipe!

These can be toasted and topped off with anything you may have in your pantry (obvi keto/vegan). They only have 1.2g of net carbs per serving, so if you’re craving, you can definitely indulge in more than just one. They’re also a quick meal you can have before running out to enjoy your vegan keto day if you make them the night before.

Net Carbs:1.2g

Hero Ingredient:

Psyllium Husks.

It’s a great source of soluble fiber, especially when part of a diet low in saturated fats and cholesterol, like vegan keto! A serving of these supplies 6g of the 7g of soluble fiber necessary per day. Hard to pronounce? Sure, but super healthy still 😉 Available to buy online here. This brand, Indus Organics, is organic and in powder form so it’s ideal for baking. And keto.

3. Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Cinnamon Roll Muffins

Doesn’t this recipe already sound promisingly delicious? Think about it, who would say no to some cinnamon roll muffins in the morning?

The key ingredient here is almond flour, so you’re gifted with some yummy muffins that are low carb, sugar-free, and vegan.

What do you say, sometimes, you can have everything. Give them a try next time you’re shielding your eyes from the spread at the local bakery, your body won’t regret it.

Net Carbs:3g

Hero Ingredient:

Almond flour.

4. Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding

Strawberry Coconut Chia Pudding

Ten minutes, five ingredients. Definitely a cool coconut for the summer style breakfast (or even dessert). If it wasn’t so healthy it would almost feel guilty to eat such a treat. This dish is simple, rich, and loaded with healthy fats and omega3 that make a kickass keto morning start. Try having these on a Monday, and forget all about it. All you need is almond milk, coconut milk, chia seeds, and vanilla for the base.

So simple it’s beautiful.

Net Carbs:11g

Hero Ingredient:

Quinoa Puffs.

Doesn’t that already sound so good? This isn’t on the original recipe though, it’s an alternative topping you can add. Plus, you can get these anywhere for a great price. Good, happy & healthy and obviously keto!

5. Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

Peanut Butter Chia Pudding

Chia seeds are the MVP of many, very delicious recipes. They have many health benefits and can be added to any mixture. In this case, sweet as honey grace us with chia in this mouth-watering, dessert-like pudding.

Chef’s advice? Using ground chia seeds will help you create a smooth pudding texture and avoid any of those slimy pieces of seeds, you may have experienced with store-bought products.

LOVE this very versatile recipe, which can be used for dessert and even a quick snack.

Net Carbs:10g

Hero Ingredient:

Ground Chia Seeds.

Yup, you should definitely give this a shot with this or any other recipe to achieve a smoother texture. You can make it at home by grinding seeds in a coffee grinder or order online. It makes all the difference, no more slimy chia, just lip-smacking deliciousness.

6. Easy Keto Vegan Tofu Scramble

Easy Keto Vegan Tofu Scramble

Moving on to a more savory type of vegan keto breakfast, we’re looking at a tofu scramble which is a walk in the park to make and eat, of course.

You can easily make this recipe your own with the tofu base and add just about any tasty veggies you have in the fridge or pantry. You basically need a block of firm tofu, your favorite veg, and a happy tummy waiting to take it all in.

Net Carbs:14g

Hero Ingredient: Olive oil. Using olive oil for savory recipes is no secret, right? But, don’t get me wrong here, there are many olive oil brands out there and when you find the right one, like this one… well, you’ll see what I mean when you give it a try.

7. Vanilla Keto Protein Shake

Vanilla Keto Protein Shake

Once you go vegan keto, you will never be afraid of good fats again. This quick right-out-the-door protein shake is perfect for when you need that extra whack of energy, before or after hitting the gym, or if your morning is looking BUSY and you’re feeling a little lag.

Since this is a base recipe, feel free to experiment with other keto vegan-friendly toppings and additions; create your own personal spin.

Net Carbs:3g

Hero Ingredient: Hemp Hearts. So with approx 10 grams of protein and Omega 3&6 in every serving, it’s the perfect addition. Embrace the hemp hearts as part of your vegan keto diet, trust me, they won’t disappoint.

8. Low Carb Keto Vegan Pancakes

 Low Carb Keto Vegan Pancakes

Being able to make pancake-anything is a reason to do some glory dancing for a couple of minutes. (Go on, dance it!)

Pancakes are the breakfast meal everybody loves and when we vegans find a recipe that goes with our diet, it’s just pure joy and excitement. The double-whammy of happy dance here is that they’re also low carb, so your taste buds will pop; but your tum should not.

You MUST try these pancakes next time you get a chance, top them off with some peanut or almond butter and enjoy.

Net Carbs:5.1g

Hero Ingredient:

Peanut Butter.

When almond butter gets a bit too much, (and by too much I mean too costly), why not go for our eternal good friend, peanut butter? Obviously this peanut butter has no added sugars and calories, still good, still healthy. Cue the dancing!

9. Chocolate Keto Oatless “Oatmeal”

Chocolate Keto Oatless “Oatmeal”

Oats are “unfortunately” not allowed in our vegan keto diets, but there are always some tasty alternatives to this that are definitely worth giving a shot.

You’ll need keto overnight oatmeal mix, some keto chocolate chips, unsweetened cocoa powder, and vanilla extract. Not only will your sweet tooth be satisfied, but you’ll also start the day off on a cracking keto high!

Net Carbs:14g

Hero Ingredient:

Cacao powder from Wildly Organic. 

This is the #10 anti-oxidant with over 100k ORAC units. It’s important to source raw cacao to get these benefits. I searched high and low for an affordable source and found that this brand is best. Try it! It’s fermented but still raw! And it’s a Fair Trade product. Don’t know about you guys but we love supporting Fair Trade.

Vegan Keto Lunch & Dinner Recipes you need to try

10. Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

Instant Pot Vegetable Soup

On a cold day, I’d have this veggie soup for breakfast…is that wrong? If you have an instant pot, you know how magically fast it can be and how efficiently it saves time, especially if on the run. If you’re without an instant pot, no worries!

This recipe can be made with a regular pot too. Can we all agree that a good vegetable soup can be served cold in the summer and is a great lunch or dinner option too? This recipe is a serious all-rounder.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned on the original recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Italian Seasoning.

Can we all agree that the best part of the veggie soup is how you season it? Sure, veggies are great, but when adding that extra spice, things really take a spin. This seasoning is totally vegan and totally delish.

11. Magically Delicious Keto Guacamole

Magically Delicious Keto Guacamole

This vegan keto guacamole recipe is one you’ll go back to over and over. Like mentioned before, avocado is a hub of healthy, fatty goodness and believe it or not, it’s a pretty versatile veggie (or fruit depending on what side of that argument you sit) that you can mix and match with multitudes of other ingredients.

In this case, our trusty avo is tasked with being the hero of this delicious keto-friendly guacamole. I’m confident as keto you’ll fall in love, try it!

Net Carbs: Not mentioned on the original recipe.

Hero Ingredient:


They’re vegan, they’re spicy and add that extra “whoa” to your recipe. Plus, avocados are a great base for experimenting with different styles of guacamole recipes. If you don’t like heat, you can go for other spicy options, but this one… killer good!

12. Super Food Keto Soup

Super Food Keto Soup

This amazing recipe is even more promising than its name promises. This “superfood keto soup” is very high in micronutrients according to the original recipe.

All you need is Chinese cabbage (or any cabbage), chard and spinach; all three of these round up the highest amounts of micronutrients amongst the leafy greens that we all know and love. Take this to work for lunch and you’ll be energized until dinner time.

Look out colleagues! (they’re gonna wanna know your superfood soup secret recipe.)

Net Carbs: 6.8 g

Hero Ingredient:

Pink Himalayan Salt.

Natural salt has natural iodine, a more beneficial mineral. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find forms of sea salt because of environmental toxins. Based on my research, the purest form of mineral-packed salt I could find is this Himalayan salt. They carefully source their products and I know I don’t have to worry about nasty toxins hiding in there.

13. Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti Squash

Tomato Mushroom Spaghetti Squash

Have you seen the look on this recipe?

This savory option for lunch is everything you’ve ever wanted, plus stuff you didn’t even know that you wanted. With mushrooms, onions, and fresh basil (grow your basil yourself, it’s easy) and stunning spaghetti squash.

Off you go into another tastebud dimension! This is a great idea, take away the cheese from this recipe and add vegan cheese and you’ll be delighted. Say hellooo to your new vegan keto friend.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Olive Oil and Honey.

These are the 2 industries with the most fraud. The amount of olive oil is produced each year is way less than the amount sold in stores. It doesn’t add up. That’s why it’s really important to pay particular attention to getting this wonder oil from this carefully selected source.

15. Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Sauce

Zucchini Noodles with Avocado Sauce

Often called “zoodles”, zucchini noodles are fun, simple and easy to make. It’s a get-in-the-bowl hero, like pasta; but loves you better. The beauty of this dish is that you can add any keto vegan-friendly pasta sauces to it, vegan parmesan too!

Also, you can feature your favorite healthy fats like avocado, nuts, and seeds. Remember to avoid any chemically refined oils; but go nuts with olive or coconut oil until your heart’s content!

Net Carbs:18.7g

Hero Ingredient:

Pine nuts.

We admit that vegan keto is a bit nutty right? These offer a delicate, nutty flavor and really spice up your recipes. You can add them to baked goods, savory recipes such as this one. Pine nuts are a sure go-to for their unique flavor, try them!

16. Crispy Avocado Fries

Crispy Avocado Fries

Fries as a word should be slowly becoming a distant memory; but anything vegan keto crispy and taste bud tantalizing is welcome in our recipe book.

For the vegan keto diet warrior yams and potatoes may not be such good friends here. Remember that we’re trying to substitute for healthy fats – so avocado nails this one. (avo to the rescue! Again)

This makes for a great side dish and all you need are ripe avocados, almond milk, almond flour, salt, and pepper (or the superfood spices of your choice).

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Whole peppercorns.

Spices are the spice of life. No, but seriously in addition to making our food taste wonderful spice is super important for our health. It is no wonder that many of the longest living folks come from the Spice Mountains in India. Just like produce it’s important to source freshest spices to maximize anti-oxidant levels. Most of us eat pepper every day to grinding peppercorns from scratch is the best way to maximize the health benefits and the taste difference is also undeniable. We are a little crazy about the pepper and have tried every source and the verdict is in that XYZ brand cracks the top of our list 😉

17. Easy Vegan Cauliflower Fried Rice

Easy Vegan Cauliflower Fried Rice

This already sounds oh, so promising! Just like the broccoli rice, you can get it conveniently at any natural food store or you can make your own by lovingly preparing your charismatic cauliflower head yourself.

The thing about these dishes is that they are easy when you have a clean base like the “rice” and then you can just stir fry (with healthy fats) other suitable spices greens and veggies.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Coconut Aminos

This recipe calls for soy sauce. We recommend substituting for Bragg Coconut Aminos, available through Amazon This is our favorite tasting brand of coconut aminos….

18. Vegan Bacon & Cream Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms are always saving the day because, to be honest, they can be spiced with anything, even just salt and pepper and they will always turn out to be tasty. We always have room for a mushroom.

You can fry them and put them in the oven, you can hug them and take them for a walk, the loyal loving mushroom never disappoint. It is such a delightfully humble and flexible ingredient that we just love!

Did we mention we love mushrooms?

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Vegan Bacon bit morsels.

Who says you can’t have it all as a vegan. Vegan bacon bits are a sure way to add some pizazz to any meal. This is a go-to staple in any vegan chef’s pantry. That’s why it’s important to get the tastiest option here because let’s be honest, it’s not easy to find good vegan meat alternatives that actually taste great. Our fav bacon bit morsels are xyz…

19. Roasted Vegetable Masala

Roasted Vegetables Masala

This recipe will leave you asking for more, it’s a different take on Indian Aloo Gobi with roasted mixed vegetables.

You basically need to fetch some cauliflower, green beans, and mushrooms. Then invite your besties over for a fabulous vegan keto feast. It’s also very pliable recipe as you can create your own twists and turns by adding your favorite spices. Try it!

Net Carbs:10g

Hero Ingredient:

Garam Masala.

This recipe calls for traditional Indian style spicing. But trust me when I say that garam masala can give your other savory recipes a boost of unique aroma and flavor. An ingredient to have in your pantry, for sure!

20. Portobello Mushroom “Tacos”

Portobello Mushroom “Tacos”

Remember what we said about mushrooms, well here they are again taking over traditional “tacos”. With a bit of special sauce (which you’ll learn to make in this recipe) and the delicious preparation that goes into portobello mushrooms here, you’ll definitely want to make this a part of your weekly meal plan.

Net Carbs:24g

Hero Ingredient:

Portobello Mushrooms.

Yeah, we just can’t get enough of these, and trust me, you need to get them from here. They’re garden-fresh and never disappoint any recipe you try them in.

21. Low Carb Vegan Bibimbap

Low Carb Vegan Bibimbap

This is a vegan, keto take on Korean Bibimbap which is just to die for, seriously you need to try this next time you meal prep for the week.

This recipe mixes and matches certain flavors that combine so well together, it’s almost magical. Plus, Asian spices are just really stupidly tasty. Even if you don’t make this recipe you can still take away some of the ingredients for ideas with pairing heroes in other dishes.

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Lakanto Monk Fruit Sugar Substitute.

This recipe calls for a sweetener. We tried all the keto-friendly sweeteners. Stevia can add a weird aftertaste. Erythritol is great and we like monk fruit too, but our fav is the blend of the two as neither flavor is overpowering. That’s why we love this natural, sweet, supplement.

22. Vegan Cauliflower Pizza

Vegan Cauliflower Pizza

Vegan pizza is a heavenly dream, can we all agree? In this recipe, it’s a reality.

You can use cauliflower rice to actually make the dough, this is what makes it low carb, vegan, AND keto at the same time. You can then add some vegan-friendly toppings of your choice and voilá, you’ve got yourself a super delish gut-lovers pizza.

Net Carbs:13g

Hero Ingredient:

Cauliflower Rice.

We previously mentioned broccoli rice, but now it’s cauliflower’s turn. Because let’s be honest, it’s an all-round ingredient, and this recipe is proof of that. Take a shot at making this delicious vegan pizza crust and feel heavenly.

23. Keto Vegan Falafels

Keto Vegan Falafels

I can’t imagine a world without falafel, can you? You can surely make these vegan and keto-friendly to fit your diet needs.

In this recipe, you’ll find that you can achieve a crumbly texture without it becoming too dry or heavy on you. You can snack attack on these, have them for lunch, or even dinner too. The fantastic falafel is yours for the making!

Net Carbs:1.3g

Hero Ingredient:

Lupini Beans

It is so hard to find a keto-friendly bean for the vegan ketoer. Lupini beans are the lowest carb bean out there and thus a vegan keto cupboard essential. But this rare bean is not soo easy to find in your local supermarket. That’s why we recommend stocking up on barrels of this lean mean bean machine here….

24. Curried Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Curried Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

When I first saw this recipe I fell over. Then I got up and cooked it, and I’ll do it again, and again.

You’ll be craving more than one of these stuffed portobello mushrooms I assure you. With healthy leafy greens like spinach, topped off with a few nuts and seeds, based with a totally delicious portobello mushroom, get outta vegan keto town…this is just a delightful treat for your tummy, lunch or dinner.

Net Carbs:16g

Hero Ingredient:

Stuffed portobello mushrooms.

25. Vegetable Noodles with Smoked Tofu & Spicy Peanut Sauce

Vegetable Noodles with Smoked Tofu & Spicy Peanut Sauce

Zoodles (zucchini noodles) are probably the most popular vegan, low carb noodles out there. However, with the right tools, you don’t have to stop there.

You can make any other delicious veggies into noodles with a spiralizer or similar tool. Experiment with your fav staples so you can always have a great base dish, topped off with nuts, lemon, fried tofu, or all of the above!

Net Carbs: Not mentioned in the recipe.

Hero Ingredient:

Black Sesame Seeds.

These are a great source of fiber, Vitamin B, and are a nutritious source of plant protein, just as us kind ketos love! Plus, these can be sprinkled on to anything sweet or savory.

26. Low Carb Vegan Empanadas

Low Carb Vegan Empanadas

Empanadas are crave…if you’re able to make them fit your keto vegan diet, even better!

You’ll find these to be not only delicious and magical but also filling and will leave you satiated until dinner time or the next day, depending on when you eat them. Remember to put your own spice spin on them if you’re feeling daring, and want to give this recipe a tasty twist.

Net Carbs:13g

Hero Ingredient:

Almond and Coconut flour.

27. Keto Tabouleh

Keto Tabouleh

This is a classic middle-eastern salad, with a keto vegan take on it. Totally light and something you can make in less than 15 minutes.

In the morning, just about when you’re about to run off to work, you can whip up this tabbouleh salad and have something delicious and energizing to keep going until dinner time.

Net Carbs: Recipe mentions 7%

Hero Ingredient:

Lemon Juice.

Tangy lemon is a must when going for savory recipes! It promotes hydration, a good source of vitamin C, and aids digestion. I’m sure we can just say lemons are a hero ingredient for any recipe! This lemon juice from Santa Cruz is a great choice, organic, natural, fresh, and overall keto-friendly 🙂

28. Vegan Keto Walnut Chilli

Vegan Keto Walnut Chilli

Ah, chili…

During winter, you’re feeling cozy and just want to watch some Netflix on the couch, while still eating healthy.

Hey, I chill out with chili all summer long too. There’s never a bad time for some good chili, especially vegan, and ten times better if it’s keto. You should definitely give this recipe a shot to get your keto taste buds soaring, no matter the weather.

Net Carbs:10g

Hero Ingredient:


Cinnamon is the #3 anti-oxidant on the top 100 antioxidant list. This super spice is an anti-aging hero so it’s important to stop and take a minute to find a great source. Don’t be fooled into buying Cassia Cinnamon in your local supermarket. Most varieties of cinnamon sold are the Cassia variety that don’t have even close to the same amount of healing properties. Ceylon Cinnamon is the variety to be looking for. We love Healthworks Ceylon cinnamon and trust this source for our culinary superfood creations. Get it online from Amazon


If you want to eat up more of our tasty content you can check out other vegan keto blog articles here. You can also check out ALL our original Kind and Keto recipes here.

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